Chapter 14- Too sick for Charlotte?

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Here's the tour dates if you want to keep up with them. It's how I'm going along. Yes I know that the tour has been over but I've been busy and haven't updated in a while. This is kinda a filler chapter before the big stuff happens!!

Laineys POV-

It's Monday now. I'm really excited to see Charlotte today. In fact I was so excited, that I ripped the covers off my body and hurried to get up and start the day. I must have gotten up too fast though, because as soon as I stood up, I instantly regretted it and sat down on my bed, putting my head in my hands. My head was throbbing, and I felt like I was going to be sick.

Denise came in soon after that. She asked if I were okay, and what I was feeling.

I told her that I was fine, even though I wasn't.

"Honey I'm sure you're sick. You can't even stand up properly." Denise says, trying to get me back in bed.

"No! I have to see Charlotte!" I say and grumpily start to limp and stumble downstairs, gripping tightly to the railing, my legs aching.

"Delainey Danielle! If you go down one more step, you're not seeing Charlotte at all today." Denise says.

Just then, Ollie and Rowan come from downstairs.

"Ooohh Laineys in troublllleee" says Ollie.

"Laineys not listeninggggg" Rowan says.

I glare at him, but it hurts my head

Eventually, I give in and Denise carries me back to bed.

She pulls the covers over me and gets out a thermometer from my bedside table drawer. she pulls my arm out from under the duvet and carefully puts the thermometer under my armpit. she waits about a minute, while I take a few sips of water that rowan brought up to me. it beeps and denise reads it.

"hmm, yeah honey I think you should stay home today." denise says

"but,, no! I have to see charlotte. I have to know how shes doing with the new family!" I say trying to protest.

Denise stops my rant and starts thinking for a minute.

" i'll tell you what Laine, we have to leave to take the boys to school in 15 minutes. get your shoes on and a sweatshirt. i will take you with us, but you cant go into school. i'll call Charlotte's foster mom and tell her to send chrlotte to the car and we will say hello. then its back to bed. got it?" Denise says, having a plan.

i just mod, and pull on my checkered vans and a grey sweater over my blue pajama pants. i braid my hair, grab my phone and go to sit in the car and wait for the boys.

Soon the boys come out and we head to school. Denise brings me a plastic bag just in case, but I didn't need it too much.

Once we arrive at school, Denise goes in and takes the boys to their classrooms. I stay in the car. I decide to text my dad on the phone.

L: hey dad. I'm not going to school today since I got sick. But I really want to go since I miss Charlotte.

J: babe it's only been the weekend. We're gonna try everything we can to help Charlotte out,honey. But for today, I think you need a sick day, just to relax at home.

L: I know. But I'm still sad. I miss her a lot. And I miss you guys a lot too.

J: I know hon. We'll be back before you know it! Just one more week and I'm getting everyone tickets to the show.

L: I'm really excited to go to another show. Can Charlotte come too? And Ruebyn maybe?

J: we'll see babe.

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