Chapter 13- Goodbye for now

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Laineys POV-
It's Sunday, November 17th.

Denise just took us to church. I let Charlotte wear my pink dress and I wore a matching blue one. It was really fun. We went with the youth group and made some crafts. Dani and the girls were there as well and Dina and her daughter.

After church, we decided to go out for brunch together. We went to this little cafe. I got a crepe. The boys got oatmeal and charlotte got a chocolate chip muffin, which she let me have a bite too.

After we did that, we decided to go do something that all the kids could do, even the little ones. So we went home and changed into some workout clothes and went to a trampoline park. Charlotte and I were doing a bunch of flips and lots of fun stuff.

I even FaceTimed my dad and did a flip while holding my phone! It was awesome.
It was really cute watching Valentina and Siena jump about.

I looked over at Denise on the phone, looking a little sad.

Joe's POV:

I just got off the phone with my mom. She told me that Charlotte's been fitted with a different family, that lives not too far from where we live. Until we get to New Jersey again on the 22nd, she will have to live there until we can meet with the judge to take Charlotte in.

I really hope this will work out and we can help this little girl have a loving family.

Laineys POV:

I just found out that we can't keep Charlotte. I feel really sad. I'm gonna miss her so much. My dad says that they're gonna try everything they can to get Charlotte in their custody.

I'm worried though. What if they don't end up getting her? What if Charlotte doesn't like the family? What if they hurt her?

"I'll see you at school. And maybe after school some day we can go out for ice cream?" Charlotte says as we walk up the steps to her new home.

We just let charlotte into her old house that her and her mom lived at, to get some clothes and other things that she needed.

I nod with tears in my eyes as we hug for one last time.

Denise is behind me and she knocks on the door.

"Oh wait, I have something to give you." I say as I reach into my pocket.

I pull out a necklace I got with Denise the other day when we went shopping just the two of us.

It's half of a heart. My half is pink and sparkly, and the other half for Charlotte is blue with sparkles.

Charlotte thanks me and lets me put it on her.
I show her mine.

We have a little moment with each other until the door before us opens.

Why hello! You must be Charlotte!" A tall blonde lady who looks to be about 40 opens the door.

Charlotte nods.

"I'm so happy to have you over for this week! I'm Jane, let me introduce you to the other kids. Come on in!" Jane says.

I give Charlotte one last hug before she goes into the house.

Charlottes POV:

I wave goodbye out the window to my family. I do believe that they are my family. This is just for the week. Then I'll be back with the Jonases.

I really hope so.

Jane leads me to a room with 3 bunk beds in it. 2 are on each side of the room and one is on the other wall.

"Your bed is the bottom one on the right" Jane says.

"I'll leave you to unpack for now,but I'll be back in a few so you can meet the other kids"

I nod and start to take some of my things out. I put my pillow and blanket on the bed.

I notice there is a little dresser over by the window. I find an empty one to put my shirts and pants in it. I line up my 3 pairs of shoes and put them under the bed along with my suitcase.

Something falls out of my suitcase that catches my eye. It's a Polaroid picture.

It's of me and Lainey and the twins from a few days ago.
I grab a piece of tape from a desk near the window and tape the picture on the wall next to my pillow. Then I continue setting up my space.

As soon as I'm hanging up my last sweatshirt, Jane comes back in.

She leads me downstairs where I start to hear voices.

There are 5 other girls, and 3 boys. Two of the boys are babies and a toddler. 3 of the girls look older than me. One looks my age, and the other one looks younger.

All the kids come up and start to Introduce themselves.

I meet Vanessa, who's 17
Chloe, who's 15
Maddie, who's 12
Mila, who's 11
Penelope, who's 7

Then there's the boys

Max, who's 9
Henry, who's 4
And lastly Chris who's 2.

I introduce myself as well.

After that, we all just kinda hang out downstairs. There's tons of games to play and movies to watch.

I pick up a game of Uno with Mila, Max, and Chloe. Vanessa and Maddie are on their phones, and Penelope and Henry are watching a movie, and Chris is playing with a ball on the floor.

Laineys POV:
I'm feeling really sad. I just had to say goodbye to my best friend. And it's not like I can text her or anything. She doesn't have a phone yet and I only use mine for calls and FaceTimes with family, with the exception of a private snapchat and a few games of course, but my dads manage my Instagram so I don't have a whole lot of options with my phone.

I check the time. It's 6. I bet my dads are busy with their show by now.

A little while later, Denise calls me down for dinner, but I can't bring myself to eat most of it. I take a few bites of the spaghetti placed in front of me, then excuse myself from the table. Denise seems like she wants to say something, then just nods and lets me go up to my bedroom.

I know I'll see Charlotte tomorrow, but not having her with me by my side at night makes me really sad.

I go over to my desk and grab my journal. I start to write. I write whatever I'm feeling. Sadness, guilt, anger, fearfulness, anything.

I write it as a journal entry at first, then I read it in my head over a few times.

I write about what's been happening, from the time I met Charlotte, all the fun times we had together in between then and now, when she isn't getting ready for bed with me anymore.

I don't realise I'm crying until a teardrop wets the paper, smearing a little bit of the pen I'm writing with.

I go into the bathroom to clean myself up and wash my face a little bit.

As I'm coming out of the bathroom, I notice my guitar, sitting on its stand at the end of my bed.

I pick it up and start strumming.

And suddenly I get an idea.

I can't play the guitar very well, but I start messing around with the chords and notes and eventually make something that sounds pretty good to me.

Then, I take my paper that I wrote my feelings on, and started humming the words in how I think it would sound good.

Then I realised.

This could actually be something.

I may have just wrote a song.

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