Chapter 3- settling in

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Lainey's POV:

I make sure to thank Joe for the milkshake as we pull out of the drive thru. it takes about 30 minutes to get to their house, so Kevin turns on the radio to pass the time. i hum along to a few songs i recognise.

"I have to go potty" rowan yells.

"ME TOO" yells Ollie.

" alright Joe can you find the closest gas station or something?" Kevin asks plopping his phone into joes lap.

"its about 5 minutes away." joe says as he starts up the GPS.

we head over to the gas station.

when we get there, Nick turns around to face me.

"lainey, we can't be seen in there with you guys yet, not until we discuss with the press that we have you. so can you go and take the boys to the bathroom?" nick says.

i nod.

he hands me a few dollars out of his pocket.

"here, get yourself a candy bar or something."

i nod and take the money from him. i dont really want to take his money, but if he insists.

i unbuckle the twins and take them into the toilets.

once thats done, i pick up a packet of gummy bears and a mega twix bar to share.

i pay and i hod the boys hand as we cross the street to get back into the car.

i try to hand Nick the change, but he doesn't accept it.

"no its okay Lainey, you can keep it." nick says as i put the rest of the chane in my purse. 

"i will take a gummy bear though" he smirks as he reaches his hand into the bag grabbing a few and giving some to Joe and Kevin. i grab some and reach behind me to give some to the twins.

a few minutes later...

we pull up this long driveway into a big garage. i don't get a very good look at the house, but just a little glance of white.

i look up and unbuckle my seat belt.

as we get out of the car, we go over to the trunk and get my duffle bag full of clothes and my suitcase with my other things. its not very heavy, as i don't have too many clothes, just 8 shirts, a few pairs of shorts, some jeans and a few pairs of leggings, a jacket, a sweatshirt, and some dresses. and i have a few pairs of undies and socks. but only 3 pairs of shoes.

kevin unlocks the door, and leads everyone inside. before i can even look around, someone grabs me and picks me up and squeezes me so hard. i couldn't even tell who it was.

"Oh you must be Lainey!!  Its sooooo good to finally meet you!"

the person pulls away and i finally see her. shes beautiful.

"Hi im Danielle!! and whos this?" danielle says.

"umm thses are my brothers, Rowan and Ollie." i say as i point to them.

Danielle smiles as she takes our bags.

" wanna see your room?" Kevin asks. i nod as he leads me upstairs to a long hallway.

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