Chapter 7: Happy birthday to you... and you

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Laineys POV:

We've been home for a day and tomorrow is my 10th birthday!!

We're gonna have the entire family over, and have some food, and a DJ, and a dance floor, and the backyard pool, (which is also indoors because of the weather) and ending the night with a bonfire. Then the next day, is gonna be Kevin's birthday, so we're gonna go bowling, then out for dinner with the family, then the adults are gonna go do adulty things while all the kids stay with Denise and Frankie.

I'm getting super excited.

Right now, Danielle and I are at the mall, just the two of us, and we are picking out some last minute decorations like streamers, and confetti cannons and balloons and party hats and all things like that. We got all my favourite coloured decorations, then we went and got our nails done for the party. I got light blue, with a mermaid tail design on my ring fingers. Dani just got a dark red colour. Then we just walked around and shopped a little bit for things to get me and Kevin for our birthdays. I got a new outfit to wear on my birthday. It was a plain white shirt with a pink unicorn on the pocket, and a pair of slightly ripped jeans and new checkered vans.

After the mall, we went home and baked the cupcakes and cookies  so they would be ready for tomorrow. We had all the kids help decorate them while the adults started a movie. Later, Danielle and Kevin left. They said they had to go get something.
I wondered what they were getting.
I settled on the couch with Joe, Nick, and Ollie. Rowan and the smaller girls, were waving goodbye to Kevin and Dani through the window as they pulled out the driveway. Rowan stayed bu the window a little longer than the girls.

Alena and Valentina went and sat on the loveseat, waiting for Rowan to join them while the movie was starting. 

"Rowan?" Alena went back over to him and grabbed his hand and led him back over to the loveseat. Rowan started to cry into Alena's shoulder. I went over to him and led him upstairs to my bed. After he calmed down a bit, he talked to me.

"Lainey, I miss Kevin." Rowan says.

I was a little hesitant to ask this question but,

"Row, do you think of Kevin as your father figure?" I ask.

He nods a little.

"But I don't want our real daddy to feel bad, just because he isn't a very good daddy. But Kevin, he's like a good daddy." Rowan says and looks at me.

I nod.

"I think of Joe as a father figure to me. And Ollie thinks of Nick as his father figure." I say. "I hope that's okay and not weird that we're siblings and have the same biological parents, but different preferences of our fathers." I say

Rowan nods.


Joe's POV:

Nick and I look at each other. Lainey and Rowan have been up there for a while. Nick starts to get up, but I grab his wrist and pull him back down. He looks at me with his 'what' face.

"Just give them time,Nick." I say

"But I'm a little worried about the twins." Nick says quietly, so Ollie won't hear.

"I know, I mean, Rowan night have some trust detachment problems. He loves Kevin. Like a lot. He's always with him." I say

"I know. That's why I'm worried for him when we go for tour. He has to stay here for school." Nick says sadly, staring back at the stairs.

"And Ollie, I mean he's 6 and he hardly talks." I say and we look over at him, happily watching the movie, sucking his thumb.

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