Chapter 11- Is Charlotte okay?

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Laineys POV:
It's finally Friday, and we don't have to wear our school uniforms on Fridays.

I called Joe early this morning and talked to him a little bit while I was getting ready for school. I let the twins talk to them for a bit while I chose my outfit. I chose to wear my Jonas sweatshirt with grey leggings and white shoes.

I helped the twins get dressed in their green and blue sweaters with grey sweatpants.

We had to race the bus since we were almost late. Rowan had a little trouble with listening to Denise.

We finally got to the bus and I sat in between Ruebyn and Charlotte.

Charlotte had some new scratches on her face and neck. She leans into me which I gladly accept and pull her in for a big hug. We stay like that until we get to school. We hold hands going up the stairs to our classroom, as we walk into the room, we get a look from Amelia, one of the mean girls from my 4th grade class.

"Eww, why are you holding hands? Are you gay or something? That's weird." Amelia says.

I turn around and glare at her.

"I'm just trying to help out my friend. She's hurting and this is all I can do right now." I say, trying to still be nice even though this girl is an absolute bitch.

We put our things away and take our seats.

"We have a guest speaker today!" Ms.Deakin starts.

"She'll come in a little bit, but for now let's get our math books out and go to page 376."

Joe's POV:

We are having a ton of fun! It's Nov. 15, and we are going to Florida. I really wish Lainey were here to see this beautiful beach we stopped at. We will have to take her sometime.

I just can't stop thinking about my little girl. Now I know how kevin feels. I check the time. 10:30. Shes already at school. Maybe I can call her later.

I'm gonna try to come out the 20th after the show so we'll have the 21st and the 22nd together. We all decided to let them skip school the 22nd so they could come out to the show in Newark, then to NY, then we will just keep them for the weekend for the Boston show then back to school Monday and we go back to Canada the 26th. But we need to focus on the now. I just miss my kiddos so much!

Laineys POV:

After lunch and recess, we come in and put our coats away. There's a lady talking with miss deakin. I guess that's the guest speaker we have.

We all sit together on the rug for our guest speaker.

"Hello everyone, I'm Hannah Williams and I am a child abuse specialist. I help kids who may have parents who hurt them or abuse them in a way. Most of the time it's physical abuse. If you or anyone you know could be being abused by anyone, you need to tell someone. They could help you or that person to not get hurt anymore." Hannah says.

I look over at Charlotte, who is staring right back at me with her dark green/brown eyes. I look at her face and arms with the bruises and scratches.

"Does anyone have any questions so far?" Hannah asks.

I raise my hand.

Charlottes eyes go wide and shakes her head at me.

When I am called on, I just say nevermind.

Soon, Hannah leaves after showing us a PowerPoint on more child abuse things. Then it is time to go back home.

"Hey Lainey!" Charlotte comes over to me. I turn around from my cubby, getting my backpack.

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