Chapter 1: Having fun

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Lainey's Point Of View:
Today is Saturday. The orphanage is closed on most weekends, and that's when we all go out and have a fun time! Miss Daisy stays behind to take care of the little kids, but everyone 6 and over gets to go out with Miss Maggie and one of our other supervisors, Mr. Pete. Today we decided to go to the pool. It was such a beautiful day out. So I went into my room and packed mine and helped my brothers to pack their bags too. My bag is a purple one with a pug on it. Ollie's is green with an alien and Rowans is blue with a cool surf board on it. I packed my swimming suit, a change of clothes, which is just a yellow shirt and cute jeans shorts, tanning lotion, sunscreen, sunglasses, and my pink fluffy towel with a pineapple on it! I packed the boys stuff too. Rowan likes the colour blue and Ollie likes green. So to tell their stuff apart, they have blue and green swimming trunks and towels and even sunglasses. They love matching, but we need some way to tell them apart somehow, so we dress them a little bit different. One day, they insisted one dressing the exact same. Even though it was hard to tell them apart, I patted Ollie's back and secretly put a little sticker on the back of his shirt without him knowing just so we could tell them apart from each other. Once everyone got all ready, we all piled up into the bus. We have a big bus that's kinda similar to a school bus that can take us places all at once if we need too. There's about 5-10 kids in each age group which consists of ages newborn to 2, 3-5, ages 6-8, 9-11, 12-15, and 16-18 and over. So that's 6 age groups. Each age group is separate in the orphanage by little dorms. Except the babies. They're kept in between just 2 small rooms. Anyways, we threw our stuff in our seats and headed out. I took out my old iPod and headphones. Recently I've been really into listening to the Jonas Brothers new album. I really like it. I started humming along to a few songs. I wanted to learn Hesitate and Comeback on the guitar and piano. I'll see about that after I get back. But for now, let's swim our little hearts out!

I'm really excited to be sharing this book with you all! I hope that my other book, My Lifesaver will be updated soon. I'm not quite sure about what to do for the next coming chappies. I'll think of something! Let me know what u think. Btw most of the book will be told in Laineys POV. Also, the boys will be making an appearance really soon in the story!!

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