Chapter 9: The New Girl

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Amy leads me up a flight of stairs.

"On the first floor, we have the kindergarten through second graders, and the auditorium, on the second floor we have 3rd through 5th and the lunchroom. On the third and final floor we have the 6th though 8th graders and the gym." She says as we enter the 4th grade part of the school.

I follow her to a big brown door with a yellow bulletin next to it that says Mrs. Deakin's class in green, and a whole bunch of other names in pink. I guess that's all my new classmates names.

I was starting to get more excited now, as we walked into the classroom, but nervous again when everyone turned around and looked straight at me.

In the classroom, there were multiple circle tables with other students in chairs, a coat hanging place on the floor wall with some tubs on top, a blue rug, a teachers desk, and a big red chair with a blackboard and whiteboard next to it.

The teacher comes over to Amy and I.

She thanks Amy and Amy leaves, not before squeezing my shoulder and giving a big smile.

"Hi, I'm Mrs.Deakin. I'm your teacher this year."
She gives a smile at me.

I nod and smirk at her a little.

"Well, everyone, this is our new student!"
The teacher and puts her hand on my back.

"Would you like to introduce yourself?" She asks.

"Sure" I say and stand up straighter.

"Umm, I'm Delainey Du-Jonas, uh, but I go by Lainey, I used to live in Wyckoff, but I was adopted, and now I live here."

I get some blank stares from some people.

Mrs.Deakin leads me to an empty seat with 3 other students. 1 girl and 2 boys. We have name tags laminated and taped to the desk.
They read, Ruebyn, Colton, and Beau.

I guess they are my table mates now.

The teacher comes back over to my spot and slaps a taped down name tag with my name on it at the top of the table next to the others.

The teacher goes back up to the whiteboard.

"Now we will transfer into writing. Please put away your math homework and get out your writing notebooks." She says.

I get out my new blue composition notebook and pencil and put the date on it.

"Today's topic word, is Special." Mrs Deakin says.

She writes the word Special on the board.

"I want you all to take 20 minutes to write in your notebook and brainstorm, of something that is special to you, could be something about you that you think is special, could be something that happened to you that was special to you. Or really anything that is important to you." She says.

"It doesn't have to be in complete sentences yet, but just start writing some key words that you could use, or some things that are important to who you are." Miss Deakin says and sits down at her desk.

I start to do some thinking.
What's special to me?

I start writing things down like my brothers, and some members of my new family.

That's it!

I'll write about my new family.

I turn to a new page in my notebook and start writing about when I was adopted.


Ollie's POV:

I'm glad that Rowan and I are in the same class. Miss Geo's class.
She's a nice lady with blonde hair like me.

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