Chapter 6- It's Go Time

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Joe's POV:
Right now it's 4am and we have a plane to catch at 6am to get to LA. It's takes an hour to get to the airport and 5 hours to get to LA. We would get to the LA airport my 10 and we have to be at the Ellen show by 12:30. I woke up the boys first, because I figured they would be easier to wake up.
Rowan was a little tough but eventually they changed their shirts and I let them keep their pajama pants on. I helped them pack some clothes. Just a few outfits. I made sure to pack a nice outfit. Just a nice white shirt with jeans. They insisted on wearing their favourite coloured socks.

I hope this won't be a big problem when they start school. Especially for Ollie. The school uniform is blue, Rowan's favourite colour. Not Ollie's.

Lainey was really hard to get up. She was still asleep, so I had to dress her. Luckily, she was wearing black leggings, and a purple shirt, so just put a sweatshirt on her and wiggled her shoes on her feet while she's still in bed asleep. I packed a nice light purple dress with a jean jacket and leggings for her to wear at the show, and a few more outfits as we will be there for 2 more days before we all go to Mexico for tour the next day, then come back for the kids first day of school.

I carried Lainey out to the car, and Kevin carried Rowan and held Ollie's hand.
I made sure they were all buckled up and started the drive to the airport.

Laineys POV:

I woke up and I knew I was in the car. I remember Joe talking about getting up really early but I didn't think that early.

I heard the boys whispering in the car. I pretended to me asleep while eavesdropping.

"Do you think she will be okay? I mean, we won't be there with her. I'm a little nervous about sending her off." Nick says.

What? Sending me where?

"Yeah I agree but that doesn't mean we won't be there for her. Even though we aren't physically there." Joe says.

I'm getting a little curious of what they are talking about.
Where are they sending me?

"I get what you're saying but it is important for them to have an education, plus they'll have Danielle and Frankie with them. And I've been thinking about sending Alena there too so then they would all go to the same school." Kevin says.

I open one eye and look behind me. Ollie is still asleep, but Rowan is looking out the window. Kicking my seat.

"Rowwww" I groan. "Stop kicking my seat" I say aggravated.

"No it fun." He says and kicks me seat even more.

"Stopppp ittt" I whine.

"Rowan, Stop kicking Lainey's seat. And Lainey. You're 9. Stop with the whiny voices." Kevin says firmly, looking back at us.
I nod and look out the window.

As we get to the airport, I help carry in the suitcases as Nick goes to check us in. We get us a trolley and wheel our stuff over to let the security check our bags.

We walk through security and stop for some breakfast before we board our plane. It's a really nice plane. It has tan seats facing each other. I sit across from Joe, facing forwards. Rowan and Ollie sit together, and Nick and Kevin sit together.

"So Lainey. I know you'll probably be bored on the plane, so I got you a little something to keep. It's like an early birthday present if that's what you want to call it." Joe says and pulls out a little pink gift bag.

I reach into the bag and pull out a little rectangular box wrapped in gold wrapping paper.

I unwrap it to reveal a brand new iPhone 11!

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