Chapter 5- Birthday Planning

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A/N- By the way guys, this book is told around the date it is written. Obviously I can't update every day, but I will try to get as close to the date as possible! Thanks for reading! 💛💛

Kevin's POV:
Today is Thursday. It's Halloween and the kids need to decide on a costume. The twins want to match of course, and Lainey wants to be something pretty. Valentina wants to be a bunny, and Alena wants to be a unicorn. We went shopping last night, and we got Alena and Valentina little onesies of a bunny and a unicorn, so now we have to find something for Lainey and the twins. Danielle takes Lainey and the twins to go costume shopping while I watch the girls and look online for schools for the kids.
I want the kids to all go to the same school, but it's really whatever will make them all happy.

Danielle's POV:

The boys have decided on being thing one and thing two. Their  costumes were so cute! Now we just have to find one for Lainey. She's really indecisive about it but it is a hard choice! There's a pile of costumes in the cart. After trying them all on, she went with the giraffe onesie that was kinda like Alena's unicorn and Valentina's bunny costume.

After we got the costumes, we went out for lunch at the melting pot.
The boys went to go to the bathroom, so it was just Lainey and I at the table.

I decide it's a good time to have some girl talk.

I ask her some simple questions like her favourite food and colour and things like that, then onto some more personal things like her background and home life and things. She answered them honestly, and I couldn't help but feel bad for the girl. We pull each other into a big hug and have some more fondue together as we finish up and go back home to show everyone the costumes.
We have a little fashion show as the kids walk down the hallway into the living room and model their costumes for us.

Lainey's POV

It's about dinner time now and we are just about ready to go trick or treating. Danielle finishes up my giraffe makeup and it looks really cute. She even puts my hair in little space buns at the top of my head to make it look like I have little horns.
Once I'm all ready, I help the girls and the twins put their costumes on. We all pose for a picture in front of the fireplace and in front the garage with our baskets. Then we head out to get some candy.

It's getting kinda late now, it's 8pm and Kevin takes the younger kids back to the house while Joe,Nick and I go to some houses for a little longer. My candy bucket ran out of room because it's filled up with candy and sodas, so I had to use joes hat. After joes hat was filled, it was almost 9:30, so we decided to head back to the house. Before we even got in the house, we heard screaming. It was Ollie. I ran in. Joe was right behind me.
Danielle was trying to get Ollie to get his costume off into his pajamas, but he refused. In the corner of my eye I could see Alena and Valentina at the top of the stairs rubbing their eyes and covering their ears. They were really tired. I squeezed past Ollie, who is now screaming laying at the bottom of the stairs, and go upstairs, taking the two small girls hands and leading them into my bedroom, and I tuck them into my bed, and I get ready for bed, then go back downstairs.
I tell joe a technique I learned from the orphanage when the kids would have temper tantrums.

Miss daisy would get down on their level, and use a firm voice and tell them that they were in time out, and they would sit there for each minute of their age.

Once I told joe, he did what I told him.

He went down to Ollie's level and set him up on the bottom step.

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