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The second you felt his mouth upon yours, his fingers wrapped around your wrist holding you tight, your first instinct was to struggle against his dominance as you wanted to berate him, ignoring the shivers his presence was giving you. Anyone could see you and then what? The whole university will make fun of him. Did he forget who you were? The way he was acting definitely gave you a straight answer. That he was crazy.
You had no idea what was in this boy's mind.

You could feel yourself this close to giving in but before that happened you somehow managed to release your wrists from his grips.

The second your gazes locked, you cursed him in your heart seeing him biting the corner of his lower lip burdened. And eventually you gave in and pulled him against you, wrapping your arms around his neck as you attacked his mouth.

What was he doing to you, you had a hard time figuring out. It's like a part of you couldn't refuse him anything. It was like something within you pulled you towards him.

You closed your eyes the second you felt the softness of his lips. You could also feel yourself ready to become addicted to his kisses, to his touches, to his fragrance, because your fingers had already become addicted to touching him, your lips to kissing him.

Your breaths became hot and irregular when he slid his arm around your waist as his other hand was still placed against the wall, close to the side of your head.
He traced the pattern of your lower lip with his tongue before slipping his tongue between your lips, kissing you slow and gentle, profound and meaningful, his tongue twinning with yours long and deep.

"This is me saying I'm sorry," Jungkook whispered against your mouth as soon as he parted his lips from yours. "What I told you, were only lies. Let's say that I was pissed off."

"Mhm, and what was the reason you got pissed?"

"That is only for me to know."

"So," You ran your index finger across his jawline and down the side of his neck. "If I want this kind of treatment then all I have to do is pissing you off?"

Jungkook smiled. "Be careful, sometimes I can become really mean."

"Why do I find it hard to believe?" You asked softly as your hand slid up to the back of his head, threading your fingers through his soft hair and lightly tugging at it.

You bit your lip seeing his eyes closing as you keep on tugging at his hair, bringing his face closer and closer before brushing his lips with yours.

"So, about Yuna."

"Nothing happened." He confessed, his breath fanning your face. You shivered. He smiled.

"And... about me."

Jungkook opened his eyes and stared at you in a manner that took your breath away.
"I definitely don't find you repulsive. If it was that way then I wouldn't have kissed you, would I?"

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