Twenty One

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You bit your lip in nervousness as you watched Jungkook tucking his sleeves up revealing strong, veiny arms, before starting filling up your fridge with what he bought for you. You couldn't believe you were actually letting him do this.
You couldn't believe that this boy invaded your private space, your house, your kitchen, your fridge - Again. And this time with your permission.

He basically barged into your house like it was his. You realized he started to get too comfy around you, utilizing your things like he was born for it and you had no problem with that.
At that thought, you crossed your arms over your chest and rolled your eyes at yourself. Since when you didn't find his presence annoying anymore? You started to get pissed of your weird way of doing things nowadays. Since when Jungkook is the first person that comes in your mind when you find yourself in deep shit?

Your eyes fixed his large, strong back as he transferred the items inside the bags placed onto the countertop into the fridge and freezer.
You had to admit that it's been a while since you felt this warm sensation in your chest as you followed his every move. Like in a trance, you slowly walked over to him and slipped your arms around his torso, burying your face into his back.

Jungkook's body froze at the feeling of your arms around him. He blinked a few times in utter confusion before turning his head towards you. He expected anything when it came to you but not this. You never seemed someone who would be into this kind of stuff. Hugs and cuddling.
"Thank you." You simply said as you tightened your arms around him.

The corners of his lips curled into a small smile. He placed his hands over yours and staying like this for a couple of seconds. But because you didn't seem on planning to let him go any time soon, eventually he turned around in your arms and placed his hands on your shoulders, slowly pushing you back. The heat from his touch surged through your body, bringing you comfort and emotional security, and you fought this strangest urge of burying your face into his chest and for once in your life let someone see... How fucked up you really were.

It was something about him. Maybe the way he smelt. Like flowers or something that oddly attracted you like nothing before. Maybe the way his touch felt, so soothing and serene.
Maybe the way his voice sounded, so soft and tender. Maybe the softness in his eyes. Or maybe it was just him.

Your eyes surprisingly avoided him as the fingers of your hands involuntarily squeezed the front of his shirt. He tilted his head as he ran his eyes over your flushed cheeks. You were embarrassed and nervous. And it was something new to him. You never ceased to amaze and confuse him. You seemed so small and fragile. So different from how he knows you.
Jungkook tightened his grip on your shoulders, stopping himself from pulling you closer, eyes pitch black now as war was taking place inside of him.

When he was about to pull himself away, your voice stopped him.
"I... It doesn't happen often for me to..." You bit your lip not knowing how to continue. You wanted him to know that you weren't stealing because you chose the easy way. It happens only when you really have no other choice.
You didn't want him to think low of you yet you had no idea how to excuse yourself for what you were about to do. After all, a thief is still a thief no matter the reasons. Nothing will erase that. And if you would tell him everything then he will pity you. Maybe he was already feeling sorry for you. That's why he bought you so many things, sufficient for more than a month. You tried to stop him but nothing seemed to work as he kept on throwing onto his grocery cart things you weren't sure you'd ever use. He gave you even what he bought for him and that woman.

Jungkook watched your flustered self in silence. He had no intention of bringing that up. He knew you would feel uncomfortable if he opened up the subject. More than you already felt when you got caught by him and Harin. And he wasn't wrong, he concluded as he ran his eyes over your flushed cheeks.
The last time he came to your house, back then he found nothing he could use to cook anything. Then he saw you ready to steal food. It wasn't that hard to connect the dots. When he stepped for the first time into your house it was really cold like the house was never heated. And now for some reason, it was warm and welcoming, and that meant you have a source of heat but didn't use it until now. And that implied one thing. You couldn't afford to keep your house warm because you had no money to pay the bills.
You were always alone even in the nights. You would remain at the university even after the classes ended. You would go out with guys and spend the nights at hotels. This would happen for a couple of months only. Because three quarters of the year you would barely come to classes. That brought more questions but he had no intention of asking you anything. Why would he, when you didn't seem too eager to give any answers. Putting that aside, he understood you more than anyone, after all, he was the same. And he knew very well how annoying it can get when someone mingles in your life. He never liked when people put pressure on him or searching for ways to force themselves in his life. Certainly, he won't ever do that to anyone, especially when it came to you. 

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