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"You're so beautiful."
His hands cupped my breasts, "You feel so good, baby, " he rubbed my hardening nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I opened my eyes and turned my head the other way as he takes me hard.

Something in me felt weird. It's not like I ever enjoyed this. Only that this time I had a burning sensation in my lower tummy. And this feeling persisted since I left his house. Since his eyes, filled with something I couldn't understand, followed me and this guy while leaving his house together. I couldn't get him out of my mind.

I couldn't get rid of the feeling of his lips on my own or the sensation of his touch. Now someone else was touching me but he couldn't quench the flame that annoying guy ignited inside me.

I bit my lip. I hated the feeling which started to become more and more disturbing with each second. Now it started to spread and transform into pressure once it reached my chest. And in no time I felt my throat compressing and my eyes filling up with tears. What was wrong with me? It was like I was yearning for him. It was like for the first time in so long I actually wanted to be with someone.

No. This I won't allow. I'm not some idiot who believes in prince charming and miracles. What I'm living now is real. My situation is real. Some stupid fantasies won't change anything. It won't change me.


It's been two days since the last time I saw her. Since she left my house with that guy I never saw in my life until then. I would lie if I say I wasn't worried about seeing her leaving like that with someone she didn't even know. Well, it wasn't hard to assume that as she didn't even know his name. She was so eager to leave with that guy that she didn't even take her time to change her clothes. She just left with him wearing only the shirt and the pair of shorts I gave her.
No matter how worried I was, I couldn't let her see that it affected me. Nor I couldn't stop her from leaving. It's not like I had any right. We weren't that close. Plus, I would look like a clown. I couldn't give her another reason to laugh at me.

Since that night, she disappeared. I didn't see her at uni. And it was weird as she never ditched classes. I knew that because she had the same classes as Yoongi, both studying architecture. One day he told me out of nowhere that she always stayed after classes for another hour or two. It grabbed his attention because he always saw her leaving the uni at the same time he was done with his training. Yoongi was into the basketball team.

"Does anyone know anything about Y/N?" My teacher's voice brought me back to the present.

"Did something happen?" One of my colleagues asked.

"It seems her teachers and the director can't get in touch with her. They tried to call her for the last two days but she didn't pick up. If anyone knows something or hears anything, please inform the director."

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