The Art Of Seduction

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"I guess I fell in love..."



"And who is the unlucky one?"

"You..." I whispered.

His dark eyes stopped in mine and my stomach felt tight.

It seemed as time stopped as we were looking at each other. Then he threw me a small, innocent smile, "And what do you expect me to do about it?"

"Love me back?"

In less than a second, his sweet smile transformed into a devilish one, and it took me completely off guard.

"Make me."


You - "I will not allow anyone to kiss you. Only I am allowed to have your lips."

Jeon Jungkook - "But I don't want to kiss you."

You - "Whatever. You can say what you want. But remember this, in the end, I will still trap you between my thighs."


You - "Heart is just an organ that pumps blood, we don't feel with it. It's stupid how people bring up the heart as something more. When we fall in love, we fall with our brains. This if love exists, to begin with."

"Wow." His small, innocent smile, somehow, forced me to press my lips together and stop mumbling.
"Instead of thinking so much, wouldn't it be easier if you let yourself feel?" - Jungkook


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