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I was watching him while he was sitting there on that bench

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I was watching him while he was sitting there on that bench. And as I did so, I suddenly had a strange feeling.

We were looking at each other. He didn't seem annoyed anymore. No. His dark eyes reflected curiosity. For a moment his eyes locked into me with an intensity that left me breathless.

I was sure that he knew about me. The whole university did. His eyes delved into mines and I had the horrible feeling that he could see too much.

My stomach knotted. For the first time in my life, I felt naked and ashamed as never before. Enough to run away.

What was I doing?

He was out of my league.

But even knowing that... I still had this powerful urge to possess him.

The next day as I left my classroom, a hand on my shoulder stopped me from heading toward my locker so I could take my things out and leave.

"So your next target is Jungkook I presume? I saw you yesterday throwing sweet smiles his way."

I rolled my eyes at the sweet voice in my ear. I knew exactly who that was. As you all know every damn school has its own popular students. This one wasn't an exception. The nice, popular girl everyone wanted to be friends with, was annoying the shit out of me. Everyone respected her and loved her. Everyone wanted to gain her attention even for one second. Everyone wanted to be praised by her. And here I was wanting her out of my sight before I would grab her head and pull it off her shoulders.
The good girl vs the slut's school. What an amazing combination. Also interesting to watch.

One wrong move and everyone will come for my head. Literally.
Let's say that I wasn't very appreciated by the girls around here. By anyone in general. I'm sure all of you can guess why was that. After all, I slept with some of their boyfriends. Not that I care. They should thank me for showing them what they had at home.

Everyone stopped in their tracks to stare at us. Like I said above. An interesting show to watch.

"Do we have a problem here?"

"Yes. Stay away for him. He isn't like those who you are used to. Working your slutty ass to gain his attention, will not work. Not when it comes to him."

"Then why are you here telling me all this? Aw, don't tell me that the pretty boy refused your charms."
And yep, I was right. It was written all over her face. I couldn't let this chance slip through my fingers. Nope. I wouldn't be another reason to keep me up all night. We can't let that happen.

"It seems that after all, your ass it's not appetizing enough to be spanked," I smirked. Damn, it felt good seeing her expression darkening. She was fuming. She couldn't lose her shit though. People were watching. After all, she had to maintain her image intact.

Good girls don't lose their shit. But I can.

But wow. So he did refuse her. Why? Everyone dies to have her. I bit my lip. Ah. He definitely earned my attention. I could feel that invisible rope wrapping around me as tight as possible and pull me towards him.

"You will scare the shit out of him. He knows you. Everyone knows what a slut you are. Approach him and he will run away. You will end up being laughed off. More than you already are." She threw me a disgusted look as her eyes scanned me from head to toe.

"And you care because?"

She turned around without giving me a reply. My lips curled up into a defiant smile as I lift my chin high ready to walk towards my locker. But my eyes stopped on him and I froze on the spot. He was there leaning against the locker, hands in pockets as he watched my every move.

Did he hear all that?

I don't care what the heck they believe. I never cared about how people see me.

But why does his opinion matter?

Our eyes locked. Ah... I wanted so much to go there and talk to him.

I dared to give him a little smile but he didn't respond back, instead, he kept on the same blank expression as turned his back on me and walked away.

How to approach a boy no one ever could?

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