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You were inside a supermarket making sure no one will see you as you were about to steal a few things you needed so you could prepare something fast for your parents

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You were inside a supermarket making sure no one will see you as you were about to steal a few things you needed so you could prepare something fast for your parents. You bit your lip and blinked your tears away as you were slowly walking towards the meat section. It wasn't the first time you were doing it but that didn't mean you felt less ashamed.

As soon as you realized that there was no money to buy things, your first instinct was to call Jungkook and beg him to help you. But while staring at your phone you realized you didn't even have his phone number. But then again even if you did have it, you wouldn't have called him. You weren't someone who would easily ask for help. Especially when it came to Jungkook. You didn't want to burden him with your problems more than you already had. He already did enough for you, someone who was nothing more than a stranger to him. You couldn't take advantage of his kindness.
And then you wouldn't want him to see you in such a pitiful state.

You tried to hold in your tears as you picked up some fillet steaks. You scanned the area around you once again to see if there was the slightest possibility to get caught.
However, the only people you saw were a couple a few feet away from you, their backs at you, their mellifluous giggling reaching your ears while throwing everything off the shelves into their grocery cart now full of snacks, cookies, and chips.
You found yourself wistfully staring at them, without knowing a small painful smile lingering on your lips. And out of nowhere tears started to tumble out of your eye sockets, splashing onto your cheeks.
It seemed that they were having fun together. There were actually people who were this happy around other people.
Something hard to imagine ever happening to you.

Taking a big breath, you once again gave your attention to the fillet steaks in your hands. You just stared at it in a daze, losing track of time.
Once you came back to reality and were about to finally tear the barcode that was stuck to the product, you jumped startled at the sudden appearance of an arm in your line of sight before a hand catching your arm tightly.

The second you glanced up to look at the sudden presence next to you, your eyes went large. You felt as if the sky collapsed on you. You couldn't believe the way destiny was playing with you. The last person you wanted to see you doing this shit, was right there staring at you completely shocked.

"What are you doing, Y/N?"

You felt like crawling in a big hole and disappear forever. You could feel the heat rising in your cheeks. At that moment you wished to be anywhere but there.

"Don't you see? I'm buying things." You pulled your hand out of his grasp, avoiding his eyes.

You couldn't take the way he was starting in your eyes. Those piercing doe eyes gave you mixed feelings every time they would stare at you. Every time he was looking like that at you, you were scared he could see everything.
You were so embarrassed. And the feeling was twice stronger as he wasn't alone. But accompanied by a beautiful woman. You realized that they were the couple you watched earlier.

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