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Walking to your first class, you rolled your eyes at the sight of Yuna coming your way

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Walking to your first class, you rolled your eyes at the sight of Yuna coming your way. You tried to ignore her but she made sure to win your attention by grabbing your arm.

"You will definitely pay for every humility I have endured because of you. Just wait and see. You will regret ever crossing my way." Yuna gritted her teeth before walking past you. You heard about something like losing some of her allies and fans after the incident in the university yard as she became less credible.

It seems that because Jimin was the one who exposed her, it had a greater effect as he was one of the popular guys and, not in the last, loved and admired by everyone.

Whatever. You ignored her warnings, thoughtless heading to your class. You were too tired to handle her moods as you didn't sleep at all last night.

Later, at the cafeteria, you could feel his stare burning you as you enjoyed your hamburger while sitting at the table in the far corner of the hall. It was your favorite table as it was far enough from the popular' one which was surrounded by six guys. The gods of the university.

You stared their way. You couldn't help but admire them. Maybe they were popular, smart, beautiful and had anything they wanted, still, they remained true to themselves. They weren't the typical popular boys as you read in books and see in movies. They were actually kind, decent and honest.

It wasn't like you needed more attention than you already had and that's why you preferred to admire them from afar. Everyone would shamelessly try to sit close to them and, why not, searching for ways to befriend them.

And you weren't the only one searching for a good and peaceful spot but Jungkook as well. You glanced at him only to met his curious gaze fixed on you. He was watching you for some time now, you were aware of that. After all, you couldn't help but be ridiculously self-conscious each time he was in the same room as you. Your heart rate would increase. The room wouldn't feel cold and lifeless anymore. You would feel warm and fuzzy, but his presence also brings you a huge source of stress.

You grimaced. These new feelings made you wanting to puke. Suddenly you felt angry with yourself.

Maybe he was looking at you because of the way you left the archery range, two days ago. It was weird even for you. It's not like you ever ran away from a situation, no matter how fucked up it was. Since then, you tried to make sure to prevent any meeting with him even if it was by accident or coincidence.

You raised an eyebrow judgmentally as he kept staring at you. A blush came over your face as his lips twisted into a sexy smirk as a response. Another weird feeling bubbled inside you, you didn't know what it was, but you quickly ignored it as you turned back to your delicious hamburger.

You tried with everything you got to ignore his presence, even if that was almost impossible. You couldn't understand how he could look so good only wearing a pair of black jeans and a black hoodie. It was a miracle he wasn't as popular as those guys. You could easily picture him as one of them.

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