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I don't know what was I doing. I was actually showing him all this shit.
I was actually giving him more reasons to push me away. If I thought better, I wanted him to push me away. I guess I was scared that if he will keep on accepting me around him, I will end up disappointing him more than I was doing it already. And he will end up hating me.

Because every time I saw him, I couldn't resist following him everywhere around the campus. I started to want to get closer and closer. And then what? Knowing myself, I could easily become that bitch who throws painful words at anyone at any moment without any restraints, no matter I had a reason or not. And I didn't want to hurt him. He was too kind. Too forgiving. Too adorable. Too soft. As much as he tried to hide all this and act tough, I knew better. It was enough to see him around the twins to realize that he's too good for someone like me to play with him. The other day he brought me home even tho I literally invaded his personal space when I stepped into his car without his consent. He could have had thrown me out of his car yet he drove me home without asking anything in return. He took care of me when I was feeling ill. He didn't have to but he did regardless. I came to the conclusion that he cares deeply about those around him. He couldn't bring himself to hurt anyone. He even accepted to go out with someone he didn't even like. Yuna.

Hell, maybe he was doing the same thing with me. Only to not hurt my feelings.

So here I was, giving him reasons to shove me away every time I will try to get closer. Because I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back. I had to make sure he understands what he's getting himself into.
I wasn't up for a relationship yet I couldn't hold myself back to touch him and tease him.

Yes, I was selfish. However, it was for the first time.

And it was just like that. What you feared the most, happened.
The next day, as soon as you took a glimpse of his handsome ass walking down the corridor of the university, you grabbed his arm and yanked him inside an empty classroom without anyone knowing. His eyes enlarged as you pushed him against the teacher's desk, trapping him with hour body.

"Y/N?" He sounded breathless as he quickly placed his hands against each side of the desk to steady himself. "What are you doing?"

"How did your date with Yuna go? Did you have fun?" You couldn't help but ask.

Yuna made sure to come to you the moment you stepped into your classroom. She was all smiles while bragging about how amazing Jungkook was, how he carefully listened to everything she had to say and how he went out of his way to make sure she felt comfortable the whole time.
And most importantly. She said "I had no idea he can be so touchy. Every time he found excuses to make psychical contact.

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