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Jungkook woke up startled and sat up straight looking around confused. He bit his lip as flashes whit what happened last night came to him. He became a little nervous realizing that he spent the night somewhere else. It was a first and he didn't know how to feel about that. He had no idea how in the world he dropped his guard in this manner.

He swung his legs over the edge of the couch, a small smile making it's way to his lips at the sight of the navy blanked. He frowned as soon as he realized that he just smiled at the thought of you covering him. He slowly lifted himself up and went straight to the kitchen only to see you at the table, dozing off on the chair while using his laptop as a pillow.

At the sight of his laptop, his eyes enlarged, his heartbeats started to increase, a feeling of nausea hitting him in one go. His project. He fell asleep before finishing it. He stole a look at his wristwatch for a quick time-check and exhaled in tension realizing that there was less than one hour left before his first class started. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily as if already resigned to his fate. Why not, he thought to himself. For the first time in his life, he had slept somewhere else. For the first time, he will be scolded. Kinda many firsts in less than a day.

Kinda many firsts with you.

His chest clenched at the thought of the possibility of causing concern to his father. It wasn't like his father would say something hurtful or show any disappointment when it came to his children, but Jungkook was the kind of person who wouldn't want to disappoint those around him, especially not after he works so hard and put his all efforts into excelling well at school.

He opened his eyes slowly and watched you for a few seconds before walking towards you.
"Y/N?" He placed his hand on your shoulder. Because there was no reaction, he slid his hand on your cheek and lifted your head up a little to peer at your face.

"You are burning." He whispered under his breath as he gently stroked your cheek. You mumbled something incoherent as you instinctively wrapped your fingers around his hand tightly to press it against your cheek. His eyes softened at your innocent gesture. It was something unexpected coming from you. You could also be cute.

The muscles in his powerful arms and shoulders rippled as in one swift movement he lifted you in his arms and began to slowly walk towards your bedroom. "Why are you doing this to me. What am I gonna do with you, hm?"

He placed you on your bed gently and covered you with a blanket. Then he stared at you hard. Before taking the children and leave he had first to make sure to set a cold compress on your forehead and place a glass of water where you could easily reach.
When he turned around and was about to distance himself from your bed, you reached for him, hooking the hem of his hoodie in your fingers, yanking him back, forcing him to turn his head and look at you over his shoulder. "Please don't leave me." You weakly let out, a lonely tear running down your cheek.

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