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Did you ever hate yourself for doing something stupid? You know it's stupid

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Did you ever hate yourself for doing something stupid? You know it's stupid. You know it's wrong. However, you can't stop.

Well... I hated myself.

But I was still doing it.

This until I've meet the one who showed me that I was more than that. That I deserved more than that.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance the second a pair of arms slid around my waist from behind.
I despised it every time someone touched me without my permission.

"Come on, baby. I promise you a night you will never forget." A husky voice breathed in my ear and I flinched.

"I hear that every time but each time still ends the same. Boring as fuck and never satisfied." Was my dry response. 

It wasn't the first time something like this happened. I was used by now with boys waiting for me outside the university's gates. Why? Because - I am good in bed - they would say.

And if a girl is good in bed, then there's the crowd of men.

I guess it's true. If not, then why would they have insisted for a second time? However, for their misfortune, one time was more than enough. Relationships and commitments weren't my things, and they were already knowing that. I made sure to make myself clear from the get-go.

The corner of my lips turned up into a defiant smirk as I turned in his arms to face him. I was not in the mood for that. The cramps were killing me. It was the second day of my period.

I could name it the hell day. I am sure the majority of females on this planet would agree with me.

Each month the same fucking pain. Why the fuck only we have to be the cursed ones? What about the fucking male population? I am wondering if the universe forgot about them.

Hello? I mean, the current male population is around 3,885,211,080.
Instead, we are 3,817,089,580. Yep, I actually made my research, just so you know. So what the fuck is going on here? One was already in my face. It's not like they can't be spotted. Their life is way too easy.  Someone, up there, definitely has faves.

I'm sure God is a male. Fight meh.

"Baby look..." I grimaced at the baby thing. I used it all the time and it still felt out of place. But we had to keep up appearances for the sake of our reputation. We do not want to lose the title we had fought so hard to earn, right? I mean, I gave my sweat, blood, and tears for it.

The school's slut.

Don't ask me why am I doing this. I don't know the real motive myself. Or better saying... You will have to wait and find out yourself. 
But let's get this straight. Girls can also sleep around with men. What's wrong with it? Why this thing makes us sluts? If a guy is doing it with the whole female population, everyone is like a well-done dude. You're my hero. And pat them on their back.
But when it comes to us. It doesn't matter if there is only a guy you had slept with, if it's before marriage... You just did a crime.

I lifted my arm to run a finger across his cheek. "You landed in a bad moment, please make yourself invisible before I'm losing my shit." I simply said to him, an innocent smile flowing on my lips.

The guy looked confused while he blinked a few times. I guess he is that type of creature that needed time to process the words... aka small brain. I'm sorry. But it took him a long damn time to figure it out. How could someone like him have entered the university? You need a brain for that. And an active one. My finger which was still placed on his cheek started to fall asleep.
I eventually pulled it back.
Boring as fuck.

They can't think. Oh, wait. They can.
With their dick. That head down there is definitely active. There's needed less than a second for it to be brought to life.

I wanted one smart man. Is this too much to ask? I guess so. I turned my back and started walking towards the bus station, leaving him there still deep in thoughts. I rolled my eyes with a sigh.

Once I arrived at the bus station, I instantly shoved my headphones into my ears. I would die without music. Thank God for that. My only salvation. Music has the ability to take me out of myself. The reality fads away and everything seems so much easier. Happier. More beautiful.

Reality sucks.

As I waited for the bus to arrive, my eyes landed on a guy who was sitting in the near end of the bench, a few feet for where I was standing. My eyes widened realizing who he was.

The shy boy.

He sat there, headphones in his ears and I took my time to study his face as he was deep in thoughts. I must say that everyone was right. He was indeed beautiful. It was the first time I was that close to him. We didn't have classes together so sometimes I would spot him on the corridor when he needed to use the locker.

Time passed and I was standing there I don't know for how long and just stared at him.
He was wearing a pair of blue ripped jeans and a gray hoodie. Nothing special. And yet there was something about him that attracted me. That something that made him look interesting and mysterious.

It brought curiosity. And not only. I could already feel the heat rushing through my body.

Every time I saw him, he was always alone. I have never seen him talking to anyone apart from the teachers. Some even said that he had a huge deception. And since then on he preferred to stay isolated.

And it was true. But that I found out a little later. And holy shit. It took me lots of effort to find out about it from his own mouth.

Our eyes locked at that very moment and my heart skipped a beat. And it was for the first time.

He raised an eyebrow in my direction seeing that I wasn't looking away and still went on studying him. He seemed annoyed by that. He pulled his top lip upwards at one side in a way that showed irritation and boredom. Deep lines appeared on his forehead as I was still not looking away.
I was finding him cute.

I smiled hopefully.

He rolled his eyes.

My smile deepened even though my confidence flew into thin air.

When was the last time I had smiled?

You already abducted my heart and I was standing there clueless. And damn it took me a while to realize that. Looking back I feel like crying for hurting you so much.

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