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And the long-awaited weekend finally arrived.

And no Jungkook around.

Things being like that, I had to fill my time with something else. So...

I picked up my phone and looked through my contacts in search of some distraction.

"Do you even know how much I craved for a night with you? My friends are always talking about you saying how amazing you are. I was the only one left aside. You have no idea how much this thing irritated me." A few hours later I was already this close to screwing some guy I didn't even know.

I rolled my eyes. Amazing?

I'm sure they referred to as amazing in bed. After all, they know nothing about me. Not that they stressed themselves to find out. After all the only thing they're interested is to fuck me. And I'm far from being amazing. I guess they're just amateurs.

I closed my eyes, suddenly feeling tired. He was talking and talking. It became annoying and tiring, and I suddenly wished to be somewhere else. I was racking my brain, trying to visualize this place where I could finally feel at peace, but nothing came to me. I guess, I just don't fit anywhere. My shoulders dropped. I didn't even like the guy. It just happened to be him.

Well, better than alone. I thought to myself, ignoring the well-known sensation that started to annoyingly make its appearance inside my chest.

As we approached the hotel, I halt at the sight of a familiar figure coming out of the same hotel. And not alone. But accompanied by a girl. My stomach did something weird.

I thought that he was shy?

Seeing him together with a girl, surprisingly, brought frustration. I was so irritated to the point where I was this close to going there and make a scene. It's not like I had any right to tell him with whom he could spend his time. I was perfectly aware of that. And because I was still in the right minds, I tried to ignore it and act as nothing happened. I can't say that it wasn't a little painful. With her, he seemed so friendly, with me, on the other hand, he was as cold as ice. He was even ignoring me most of the time.

"Something happened?"

"Nothing that should concern you," I mumbled as I headed towards the entrance.

Why would I even bother? The guy isn't interested. That's it.

I glanced at the direction Jungkook headed and I let out a tsk seeing him opening the door of his car for her to get in.

He has someone else to warm his nights.

I didn't know if it should amaze me the fact that he was with a girl or the fact that he was driving a black Ferrari F8 Spider.

I realized that I was completely clueless when it came to him. It's not like I could ask anyone. At the university, no one was close enough to him so they could give me any information. Was he rich? He didn't look like it at school. From what I knew, rich people were always easy to be spotted. Their appearance screams rich. But with him it was different. He seemed modest and...

I frowned. Why do I even care? Am I really thinking of ways to approach him? Since when do I force myself on someone. Usually, if someone doesn't want me around, I simply move on.

I looked again in his direction. But now his appearance was different. He was wearing a black suit this time. He looked so strong and confident.
An image that fits him perfectly.

There was something about him, that just pulled me like a magnet. He was in the driving seat. Then taking me by surprise, he tilted his head slightly and looked through the window directly at me.

I flinched. His stare took my breath away, and he wasn't even close.

It lasted less than two seconds but it seemed like time stopped. Only when his car was nowhere to be seen, only then I exhaled a breath of relief.

I closed my eyes for a second and pushed him away from my head and entered the hotel.

Once in the hotel room...

"Let me see you, baby."

Without hesitation, I brought my hands to my side and pulled the zipper down. My skirt was already lying around my feet. Soon after also my shirt.

"Wow, you're really beautiful."

I blinked. I felt nothing. No emotion. Nothing. But did I ever felt anything? Why would this time be any different?

He approached me and leaned down to caress the side of my neck with his lips. I closed my eyes. It doesn't matter. I'm not alone anymore. It can't get worse than that.

Monday, as I walked toward my class... I was suddenly pinned against the wall. The one who did it wasn't brutal. He barely touched me, everything happening in slow motion. I placed my palms against the wall to steady myself, my eyes widening at the sensation of a warm, strong body pressing against my back. 

"You definitely gave up easily." A soft voice in my ear startled me. I shivered when his hot breath touched the back of my ear.

"If you didn't though, definitely you're going in the wrong direction. Because I will never be interested in a girl who doesn't respect herself."

My throat constricted the moment his words reached me. I wanted so bad to give him a piece of my mind but I couldn't. After all, he was right.

I turned my head and looked at him. His dark eyes stared directly at me and my lips felt suddenly dry. He was barely touching me, his hands at each side of my body pressed against the wall, the heat emanating from his body grazing my skin as he leaned in closer.

"I hadn't given up."

"Because you're in love." He continued, almost amused. His eyes were captivating. I couldn't look away. He was the most attractive man I have ever come across. And he smelled amazing.

"Yes," I whispered. That was a big lie and I was sure he wasn't buying it.

"Is that so? You have a very strange way of showing it then." His voice came out deep and husky, his eyes never leaving mines.

"Well, I'm not the only one living my life. Aren't you doing the same?" I asked him, referring to the girl I saw him with last night.

"Jealous?" His lips pulled up into a smirk. The way he watched me made me shift uncomfortably. And I avoided his heated gaze.

Is he playing?

Now he avoids me, then he does this.

He let out a deep laugh and I was staring again. He seemed genuine. And so cute. Cute? What the fuck gurl?
He's nothing that another stupid boy you will use for a night.

"Try harder, sweetheart. Or is this all you can?" A shiver crawled up my spine as his soft lips brushed the sensitive area of my ear before pulling back with an innocent grin. And then he was gone.

My lips parted in awe as I tried to regain my lucidity.

What just happened?

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