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As soon as I arrived home, the first thing I did was taking a bath and changing myself. Now I was staring at the white ceiling waiting for my eyes to grow tired.
I tossed and turned in an effort to get comfortable for the past two hours but as hard as I tried to find a good position and sleep, it didn't work and I ended up on my back staring at the ceiling instead. I sat up, giving up eventually.

It's no use. No matter how much I struggled to sleep, I just couldn't. I bit my lip in frustration as I took in my surroundings. I couldn't sleep in complete darkness, therefore, there was a lamp clipped to the headboard of my bed, giving the perfect amount of light to make me feel a little at ease.

I pulled my phone out from under the pillow next to mine and searched through my contacts. I looked at all those numbers I had saved, neither having a name attached to it. My chest tightened and I bit my lip as I scrolled down in search of something. Something even myself didn't know what. Every time I took someone's number, after meeting up with them, I made sure to erase their number so it wouldn't be a second time.

Reaching the last number on the list, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before slowly making my way out of bed and staggered towards the window.

I tapped the number and brought the phone to my ear as I sat on the window sill, waiting for someone to answer on the other end of the line.

"Hello?" A male voice responded and I opened my eyes and stared blankly through the window.

"I'm Y/N. Can you come over?"

"Of course, baby girl. Give me your address and I'll be right there."

Why did it have to be so easy? Hot tears gathered in my eyes. I wanted them to say no and stop all of this.

"Just a second." I hung up, tapped my address and sent it.

"Can I have your number?" You grinned cutely while following Jungkook around the campus.

He was heading towards the archery range and he didn't seem too happy having you around as you hopped from one foot to the other a little behind him. At least you assumed to be like that, after all, his expression was the same as always, not betraying any kind of feelings. He was still ignoring you though. The way he approached you and pinned you against the wall a few days ago, popped up into your head. Why back then was an exception you couldn't wrap your head around.

When you found out that archery was something he enjoyed, you couldn't miss this opportunity to get closer.
Everyone had to decide which type of activity is best suited for them. One of the rules around there. They say that it helps you boost stamina which can make you fall in love with your intelligence and abilities. Also, become more competitive.
For now, you had nothing in mind. You just couldn't think of being good at anything special. And your lazy ass couldn't be more satisfied.

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