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"Do you want to know something?" I grinned, happily placing my elbows on his desk, shamelessly staring at his cute face and at the way he tapped the end of his pen against his bottom lip as he was checking his notes.

"No." He softly replied as he traced some sentences, not even a glance in my direction.


"I guess I fell in love," I confessed the second I made myself comfortable next to him without even bothering to ask for his permission.

Love... Ew?

But oh well. Anything for a night with this angel.

There were 10 minutes left until the next class started and I actually took my time to search for him. Seeing that he was sitting all alone at this big desk, I said to myself why not. The classroom was empty. All alone with such a hot piece of ass sounded more than tempting. I should take advantage of this opportunity, right? What if it was my lucky day? I couldn't throw away this chance given by heavens.

He hummed slightly while writing something on the last page of his notebook. I couldn't help but run my gaze slowly down from his soft chocolaty hair, over his nose to linger on his lips a little too long. His upper lip was thinner compared to the lower one. For some reason, it was the most attractive thing I have ever seen. I couldn't stop drinking him in.

I hooked his chin with my fingers and forced him to look at me. And he did just that. His eyes stopped in mine and I was staring into them as if I was trapped in his gaze. He made me grow tense, something that I never experienced before. I've never been nervous around boys.

I pulled my hand back, my fingers tingling since the moment they came in contact with his skin. I think my heart just skipped a beat. I was confused and somewhat annoyed. Even so, I tucked away my feelings and curled my lips into a smirk as nothing happened. It wasn't very complicated. I was always a good actress.

"Yes. I fell in love alright."

"And who is the unlucky one?" He asked, his expression becoming more serious.

"You..." I whispered. An immediate grin coming across my face.

His eyes were focused on my mouth for a few seconds that seemed like an eternity and I swallowed hard. Then he moved his gaze slowly up and stopped in mine again. My cheeks felt suddenly hot.

It seemed as time stopped as we were looking at each other. Then he threw me a small, innocent smile, "And what do you expect me to do about it?"

"Love me back?" I blinked innocently.

In less than a second, his sweet smile transformed into a devilish one, and it took me completely off guard.

"Make me."

My voice suddenly left me. Wait? He can do that too?


"You are a smart girl. Figured it out by yourself. Don't disappoint me."

He grabbed his things and stuffed them into his backpack before he stood up and leave without looking back once. And I was left there speechless. 

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