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     WHEN IT CAME TO ATTACKING THE MONSTER, the group never knew what to expect

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     WHEN IT CAME TO ATTACKING THE MONSTER, the group never knew what to expect. After all, this wasn't the first time their lives were put at stake. It took a while to sort out what their next move was, and given that they were on a ticking clock, they decided to go with the best and quickest possible plan.

They would split up into three teams: Team Griswold Family, Team Bald Eagle, and Team Scoops Troop. Team Griswold Family would stay here in the mall and distract the monster while Team Scoops Troop will go to Dustin's radio, and while Steve and Robin tried to distract the monster, Dustin and Erica would direct Team Bald Eagle through the underground Russian base.

"Goddamnit, why do we have to split up again?" Cassie groaned just before her brother left with the rest of the Scoops Troop. "I just got you back and now I have to lose you again?"

"You're not going to lose me." Steve spoke to the girl, smiling down at her in reassurance. "Just...don't die."

"Can't make any promises." Cassie joked. "I'll see you soon?"

"Sure, Cass." Steve answered. "I'll see you soon."

As she watched her older brother leave with the rest of his team, Cassie Harrington walked over to meet Eleven and Hopper, who were sitting by the water fountain.

"Are you ready?" Cassie asked the girl.

Eleven softly nodded and leaned in to give Hopper one last hug. As she watched, Cassie could feel her insides twist with sadness. She knew what they were about to do was insanely dangerous. All she could do was hope that everything will turn out alright.

Taking her off guard, Hopper reached his other arm out and pulled Cassie into the hug as well, "Get in here, kid."

For a split second, Cassie felt warm. Loved. A fatherly embrace that she had never known. It was the same feeling she felt a few years ago, the night she found Will's fake dead body floating in the lake. The night she let her anger get the best of her as she punched and punched and punched at Hopper, blaming him for it all. After everything, all he had to do was hug a father would. She will never forget that night.

"Hey, we should probably go." Mike interrupted, causing the group to slowly split apart.

Hopper nodded, then looked back at two girls, "Stay safe."

Those were the last words Cassie heard from the man before the group split apart, hoping it would be for the last time before this was all over. A time where they would all be happy and safe.


As the Griswold Family roamed the plaza, they waited desperately for an update from their friends.

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