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THE LARGE GROUP WAS immediately split apart — everyone being assigned a job to help get ready for the questioning

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THE LARGE GROUP WAS immediately split apart — everyone being assigned a job to help get ready for the questioning. Will Byers was now completely taken over by the Shadow Monster — not one ounce of him had a chance of surviving, or so they thought.

As the dawn set into night, the group began stage one of their plan. Cassie Harrington was sent with Chief Hopper to help get rid of the junk in the shed, and trust her, there was a ton.

"Is this...a television?" Cassie spoke, lifting an eyebrow as she poked the piece of equipment.

"Stop poking at the damn thing," Hopper muttered, grunting as he lifted a table and threw it out the shed. "It doesn't bite."

Shrugging, Cassie lifted the heavy piece of metal junk and tossed it out of he shed. Raising his eyebrows, Hopper hummed in amusement, "Not bad, kid."

"For a girl?" Cassie spat, throwing out a box full of books and magazines.

"For anyone," Hopper corrected, causing a small smile to play on Cassie's lips.

"Thanks," Cassie replied, fixing her gaze over to him.

"Don't mention it, kid," Hopper finished, chuckling another cardboard box over his shoulder. "Now keep it moving, we gotta get this done quickly."

"Aye aye, captain," Cassie spoke, saluting the man jokingly as she grabbed another book and threw it away.

After the two cleared out the area, Cassie dusted her hands off on her jeans — nodding in satisfaction. The place looked unfamiliar to the eye — even before they began to cover the walls with tarps.

High-fiving Hopper, Cassie jogged back into the house to find the others and let them know it was ready. As the group followed her out, the real work began.

"Every inch of this place needs to be covered," Cassie ordered, placing a hand on her hip as she studied the room. "Will cannot see a single thing familiar, understand?"

"Understand, sir," Mike joked with a deep voice, causing Cassie to let out a soft laugh and push him towards the uncovered wall.

"Come on, Mike," Cassie pleaded, taking a piece of the tarp from him. "We have to get this done."

"Alright, I got this side and you got that side," Mike spoke, lifting an eyebrow. "Deal?"

Trying her best not to smile, Cassie replied, "Deal."

Finally, after thirty straight minutes of hard work and minor jokes to lift the intense vibes, Cassie and Mike finished covering the shack.

Turning to the girl, Mike spoke, "Alright, Cass. I want you to stay inside with the others while we do the interrogation."

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