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"THE CASE OF PHINEAS GAGE is one of the great medical curiosities of all time," Mr

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"THE CASE OF PHINEAS GAGE is one of the great medical curiosities of all time," Mr.Clarke spoke to the class as he stood in front of the projector. "Phineas was a railroad worker in 1848 who had a nightmarish accident. A large iron rod was driven completely through his head."

Drawing a thick black line through the picture of the scull, Mr.Clarke gazed out at the class, "Phineas miraculously survived. He seemed fine. And physically yes, he was."

"But his injury resulted in a complete change in his personality. So much so, that his friends that knew him started referring to him as 'no longer Gage'."

Leaning her body next to Mike, Cassie whispered closely, "Have you heard from Dustin?"

Shifting his gaze to Cassie, Mike softly shook his head, "No, but he'd have to be missing due to something important. He never misses this class."

Placing her lips together, Cassie nodded — falling back into thought.

Interrupting Mr.Clarke — and waking Cassie up from her daze — a figure burst through the door, causing all eyes to shoot up to Dustin Henderson.

"I'm so sorry, Mr.Clarke," Dustin spoke, shuffling to his seat next to his five friends. "Really, I'm so sorry, please continue with the class."

Turning to the five friends, Dustin whispered, "We have to meet. All of us. At lunch, AV Club."

"Why?" Mike whispered, furrowing his eyebrows.

"I have something that you won't believe," Dustin replied, causing the group to turn back and face the front of the classroom.

Turning to the back of the class, Dustin faced Max, mouthing the words, "AV Club, lunch."

"Dustin!" Mr.Clarke snapped, sending Dustin a warning glare.

"Yes my lord,"

Cassie let out a giggle.

"Would you care to join the class now?"

"Please, yes,"

Mr.Clarke shook his head, reminding the boy, "The case of Phineas Gage,"

"Phineas Gage," Dustin repeated, grabbing a notebook from his backpack.

"Page 104,"

"104," Dustin repeated.


"Focusing," Dustin spoke.

Cassie turned her head, taking a quick glance down at Dustin's backpack — furrowing her eyebrows as she spotted Dustin's ghost trap from Halloween buried inside. A chitter came from the box, causing Dustin to quickly zip his backpack shut.

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