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     "THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL we're going in there," Cassie Harrington announced to the group as they pulled up to Victor Creel's house

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     "THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL we're going in there," Cassie Harrington announced to the group as they pulled up to Victor Creel's house. Taking a step out of the car, the girl hesitantly looked up at the damaged building, feeling her heart rapidly beat in her chest. There was something familiar about the Creel house that clouded her mind with an overwhelming sense fear. Even in the broad daylight, the sight alone still scared her.

"Yeah, I'm with my sister on this one," Steve Harrington spoke, turning to the girl beside him. "Nancy, when you said we're going on a little field trip, I didn't think you meant to a creepy haunted house."

"It's not haunted," Nancy defended, turning to face the boy. "It's just...old."

"Abandoned playground, dead grass, rotting wood, boarded up windows, barricaded door..." Steve Harrington observed, noting all of the red-flags in the area. "This looks exactly like the houses in those horror movies."

"We'll be fine, Steve, just follow my lead," Nancy assured the boy, advancing towards the house while the rest of the group followed.

"What exactly are we supposed to be looking for, anyway?" Mike Wheeler asked his sister.

"We're not sure..." Nancy trailed off, examining the exterior of the house. "We just know that this house is important to Vecna, because both Max and Cassie saw it in their nightmares."

"Maybe it holds a clue to where Vecna is," Dustin suggested, shrugging his shoulders. "Why he's back, why he killed the Creels, and how to stop him before he comes back for Cassie."

"We don't think he's in here, do we?" Lucas asked, skeptically looking around.

"Guess we'll find out," Max answered him.

Before Steve Harrington went to go help Nancy break through the barricade, he stopped before his little sister and held out a small gift.

"Here, you take this," Steve called do his sister, handing her his Walkman. "Just in case Vecna decides to come back again, I got a Tears for Fears cassette tape for you. If at any point you feel scared, or you have a feeling something is wrong, put these on and you'll be safe. Okay?"

"Okay," Cassie replied, taking the Walkman in her grasp and placing the headphones around her neck. "Thanks, Steve."

Nodding once, the boy returned back to the front door and began to help Nancy get rid of the wooden barricade. Once they were able to bash it through, Robin Buckley grabbed a large brick and threw it at the glass window, shattering it to pieces. Now having a way in, Steve Harrington reached through the broken window and turned the doorknob from the inside, granting them an entrance into the house.

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