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     SATURDAY MORNINGS were always quite busy at the local Family Video Store, since most customers would come in early to purchase their movies for the weekend

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SATURDAY MORNINGS were always quite busy at the local Family Video Store, since most customers would come in early to purchase their movies for the weekend. However, on this particular Saturday morning, the day started extremely slow. There were very few cars on the road, which seemed to be rather odd at this time of day. Nonetheless, Cassie Harrington took the opportunity to head over to the store and hang out with Robin and her brother, Steve.

Stepping through the two glass doors, Cassie Harrington advanced into the store with a beaming smile on her face, "Suprise!"

"No, no, no," Steve immediately spoke, shaking his head. "You can't hang out here, we're going to be very busy today."

"Didn't you hear?" Cassie asked the boy, hopping up on top of the counter to take a seat. "It's national bring your sister to work day."

"Oh is it now?" Steve asked, lifting an eyebrow. "You just made that up, didn't you?"

"Maybe," Cassie shrugged.

"Hey, I forgot to ask, where were you last night?" Steve questioned his little sister. "I didn't see you at the game, and when I got home, you weren't there."

"Oh, you'll never guess," Cassie replied, turning to face her brother with a grin. "Since Lucas was playing at the championship game last night, and Mike and Dustin needed a sub for Eddie Munson's final campaign, I ended up being forced to play Dungeons and Dragons with the Hellfire Club. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it actually turned out to be really fun."

"Oh, god," Steve whined, throwing his arms into the air. "Not you too. I swear, if I have to hear one more thing about Hellfire, Dungeons and Dragons, or Eddie 'the freak' Munson I'm going to lose my mind. It's all Dustin talks about nowadays."

Cassie smirked, "If I didn't know any better, I would say that you're growing a little jealous, Steve."

Rolling his eyes, Steve defended, "I am not jealous, I'm just annoyed."

"That's basically the same thing."

Robin then turned to the girl beside her, "Hey, Cass, can you turn on the TV? I want to put this movie on called Doctor Zhivago. It's all about doomed love."

Nodding, the girl reached over for the remote and pressed the power button, illuminating the television screen. To her surprise, a news reporter appeared on the screen, centered in the middle of a large group of people. Furrowing her eyebrows, Cassie turned up the volume, curious to know what was going on.

"We're in the Forest Hills trailer park in east Roane County," the reporter spoke, gesturing to the area full of ambulances, firetrucks, and police vehicles. "We don't have a lot of details now, but we can confirm that the body of a Hawkins High student was discovered early this morning."

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