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THE SUN HADN'T EVEN FULLY SET and the streets were already crowded with children and candy wrappers

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THE SUN HADN'T EVEN FULLY SET and the streets were already crowded with children and candy wrappers. Sliding down the railing of the main staircase, Cassie hopped onto the wooden floor dressed as Greaser from her favorite new movie "The Outsiders" — which she just saw in theaters this past summer.

"Lookin' good, little sis," Steve called from the living room as he and Nancy put their finishing touch on their costumes.

"Right back at ya," replied Cassie, throwing on her denim jacket and black converse. "Where you guys headed off to?"

"Tina's Halloween Party," said Nancy, sounding not as enthusiastic as Cassie had thought.

Something must be bothering her. But, Cassie thought it would be best not to ask.

"How about you?" asked Steve. "Going anywhere?"

"Yeah," Cassie replied, heading towards the door while grabbing her pillow case. "I'm going trick or treating with the boys."

Steve let out a chuckle, causing Cassie to shoot him a glare, "Hey, let me be a kid for one more year, will ya?"

Interrupting the conversation, a doorbell rang — Cassie immediately jogging over towards the door and swinging it open. Beaming, five boys chorused, "Trick or treat!"

Giggling, Cassie reached in the bucket and handed them all full-size candy bars, causing them all to smile even brighter. Mike beamed, "Hey, Cass. Ready to go?"

"Yeah," said Cassie, skipping out the door, watching as her brother and Nancy came into view. Cassie turned to the boy, "Mike, say hi to your sister."

Mike groaned, and Nancy gave him a death glare, "You still owe me money, Mike."

"Yeah, right, I'll get on that," Mike said before closing the door and bolting away from the Harrington estate.

Laughing even harder, Cassie ran to keep up with Mike, who seemed to run faster than she ever saw him run in gym class. Wiping off his forehead, Mike breathed, "That was a close one."

The group of friends chuckled, and began their hunt for candy.

After about ten houses down, Lucas groaned in annoyance, "If I get another 3 Musketeers I'm gonna I'll myself!"

"What's wrong with 3 Musketeers?" Dustin asked innocently.

"No one likes 3 Musketeers," explained Mike.

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