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STICKING A SMALL NEEDLE into Will Byers' arm, the boy was out like a light

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STICKING A SMALL NEEDLE into Will Byers' arm, the boy was out like a light. Mrs. Byers' sighed, taking a step back as she watched her son's eyes fall shut. Not even a moment later, Hopper and Doctor Sam burst through the door — monster growls sounding behind them.

"We gotta go," Hopper muttered, frantically turning to Will Byers and scooping him in his arms. "We gotta go!"

Not wasting any time to think, Mike grasped Cassie's hand and yanked her into a full sprint out the room. As they left, they could see the door behind, chewed off by monsters.

Screams echoed throughout the halls as rapid gunshots pounded in their ears. Stopping in place, they watched a monster topple over a man, blood splattering everywhere.

"Oh my fuck!" Cassie shouted, immediately pushing her way to an empty room — away from the gory scene.

As the group filed into the room, Doctor Sam quickly shut the door and locked them in. Panting, Cassie placed her hands on her knees as she repeated, "Oh my fuck, oh my fuck, oh my fuck!"

Glancing up, she realized that this was the room she had passed earlier — the one with the two men and the screen monitors. Now, the two men were gone, only to leave two empty chairs and a dozen security cameras.

The lights above flickered as the group stared at the monitors, which showed every hallway in the building, now scattered with dead bloody bodies and dog-like-demogorgans.

Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, the lights went dark — Hawkins Lab's power completely shutting off.

As growls sounded through the hallways, Cassie slowly backed from the door, running into a human figure. Letting out a sharp gasp, Cassie turned — not being able to see who it was.

"Cass, it's just me," Mike spoke softly.

Letting out a deep breath, Cassie spoke, "Can we get any light in here?"

"I think there's a few flashlights in one of the drawers," Doctor Sam informed the group.

Everyone then blindly began to search the drawers, shuffling through scraps of paper and medicine bottles.

Finally, Hopper shouted, "Here!"

Pulling the item out, he turned it on — a beam of light illuminating the dark room. Doctor Sam stepped towards Hopper, placing a large map on the table.

"Look, this is us," said Doctor Sam, placing his finger on a red dot marking their position in the building. "And this is the nearest exit."

Taking a deep breath, Doctor Sam finished, "But even if we get there, there's no way out."

Lifting herself to a standing position, Cassie started to panic, "Great! Just great! We're all going to freaking die!"

"Cassie, relax," Hopper insisted, turning back to Doctor Sam and asking, "What do you mean we can't get out?"

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