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ALL CASSIE HARRINGTON COULD hear was her own rapid breathing — the oxygen flowing in and out of her lungs

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ALL CASSIE HARRINGTON COULD hear was her own rapid breathing — the oxygen flowing in and out of her lungs. Fear overwhelmed her body, causing the girl to go into a state of panic. She could hear a distant voice, but fear constantly pushed them away.

"Cassie!" The voice spoke from what felt like miles and miles away. "Cassie!"

Her fingers are curled into a fist, nails digging into her palm as her eyes remained tightly shut. Boom, boom, boom, her heart pounded throughout her whole body.

"Cassie, look at me!" The same voice called, hands placed on her shoulders as it shook her frantically.

The voice was so far, so was inaudible for Cassie to hear — to comprehend. Fear had taken up her entire body, leaving nothing in return.

A loud ringing pierced Cassie's ears as her eyes remained shut, tear stains covering her cheeks.

"Cassie! Wake up!"


The next thing the girl knew, the figure in front of her had slammed his lips onto hers. A powerful feeling rushed through her, eliminating the fear and replacing it with something more.

Shooting her eyes open, Cassie took a gasp for air, her eyes red with terror as she frantically looked around the dark room — panicking at the scene of reality. Panicking at the scene of death.

Breathing heavily, Mike Wheeler's hands cupped her cheeks as worry covered every inch of his face, "Look at me, Cass! Look at me! I'm right here! I've got you!"

When the girl hadn't seen him, Mike moved her head so it faced his. Pleading, the boy spoke, "Cassie, don't look at that, look at me! I've got you! I promise!"

Quickly meeting the boy's eyes, Cassie's lips quivered as her mouth went dry. Somehow, the girl managed to choke out, "Mike?"

Mike sighed in relief, tears forming in his eyes as he spoke, "Im right here."

Searching his brown eyes, Cassie felt her mind rush in remembrance. As a light sob escaped from her mouth, she leaned forward and closed the boy into a tight hug.

"Y-You left me," Cassie sobbed.

"We didn't know you were gone until we made it out," Mike exclaimed, his voice in pain. "The second I didn't see you I immediately ran back here to find you."

As the two pulled away, Mike gasped in shock as he noticed the blood covering every inch of Cassie's body.

"Oh my god, are you hurt?" Mike asked worriedly.

"N-Not my blood," Cassie spoke, pointing to the dead body beside her. "Mike, i-it was right there a-and-"

"Shhhhh, it's okay," Mike soothed, pulling the girl up to a standing position. "Listen, we have to get out of here."

Nodding, Cassie grasped onto Mike as he held her in his arms. Her blurred vision watched Mike as he sped through the hallways quietly. Distant howls sounded throughout the area, causing Mike to pick up his pace.

Finally, the two burst out the main doors, meeting Mrs. Byers and Chief Hopper, who stood in the foyer pacing back and forth.

"I shouldn't have let that damn kid go in alone," Hopper spoke to himself angrily. "I should've gone after him."

"I found her," Mike called, causing the two adults to shoot their eyes towards the scene.

"Jesus," Hopper breathed, noticing Mike holding a bloody Cassie. "Kid, are you okay?"

"Did you see Bob?" Mrs. Byers asked frantically to the little girl. "Did you see him?"

Before Cassie could reply, a figure burst through the doors just moments after Cassie and Mike.

Panting, the figure put his hands on his knees and caught his breath. Breathing heavily, Bob Newby gazed at the group with relief in his eyes

Sighing in relief, Mrs. Byers called, "Bob!"

The man turned to her, a smile forming on his innocent face. Mrs. Byers returned the smile and began to walk up to him.

Glancing up at the man over Mike's shoulder, Cassie noticed pounding coming from the other side of the main doors.

Grabbing Mike's jacket frantically, Cassie launched her body and shouted, "Bob! Move! The monsters are right-"

But, before Cassie could finish, a monster jumped out through the doors — tackling Bob to the ground. The scene itself seemed to go in slow motion.

Mrs. Byers let out a piercing cry as her boyfriend was taken over by the demogorgan. Hopper moves quickly, pointing his gun and shooting at it rapidly.

Turning to the two kids, he waved his hands, "Mike, Cassie, go!"

Not taking any time to think, the two ran out of the room, making their way outside. Watching in from the glass, they spotted more and more demogorgans burst into the room.

"No!" Mrs. Byers cried. "Bob!"

Hopper quickly grabbed Mrs. Byers, pulling her away from the scene and running out the doors, which quickly locked behind them.

"Noooooo!" Mrs. Byers wailed, using all of her strength to push her way back in to Bob.

"He's gone!" Hopper shouted over her cries. "Joyce, he's gone!"

The sound of rapid honking filled their ears, causing the group to turn and face Jonathan Byers, who shouted at the top of his lungs, "Come on! Get in!"

Falling into a sprint, Hopper, Cassie, and Mike, ran towards his police car while Mrs. Byers raced towards Jonathan.

Falling into the backseat, Mike hugged Cassie to his chest as her panic-stricken face remained still.

After a short moment, the horns honked once again, and Hopper called to the kids, "Make room, we gotta do this quick!"

Shifting their position, Mike and Cassie watched as Steve, Max, Lucas, and Dustin, filed into the car, the same terrified and confused looks forming on all faces.

"Cassie?" Steve spoke, his eyes widening as he looked at his blooded-up little sister. "What the hell are you alright?"

"No time for questions," Hopper spoke, stepping hard on the gas, sending the group forward at an ungodly speed. "We'll explain everything when we get back."

The entire ride home was silent — rapid breathing and silent swears being the only sound that appeared. Intertwining their fingers, Mike kissed Cassie's forehead, reminding her one more time, "Everything will be alright."

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