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THE PANIC IN THE ROOM ESCALATED quickly as the group of kids met Billy Hargrove's gaze

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THE PANIC IN THE ROOM ESCALATED quickly as the group of kids met Billy Hargrove's gaze. Falling into a crouched position underneath the window, the group knew that they were done for. "Shit!" Dustin shouted, bending under the window as he looked around the group. "Did he see us?"

"Of course he did, Dustin!" Cassie shouted in reply, muttering a few swears as she stood from her crouched position, the others following.

A few moments later, the door flew open, revealing Billy Hargrove; his eyes shooting daggers at the kids as a cigarette dangled from his mouth. Cassie Harrington had never seen Billy Hargrove in person, but by the means of her brother, she knew all about him.

"Well, well, well," Billy began, slamming the door closed as he studied the five intently, his eyes immediately falling onto one group member in particular. "Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise."

"Billy, go away," Max spoke sternly.

Turning to the red-haired girl, Billy Hargrove's gaze hardened. You would be able to tell that there was immense tension between the two, not in a good way.

"You disobeyed me," Billy growled. "And you know what happens when you disobey me."

"Hey!" Cassie shouted, stepping between the two and shooting a glare up at Billy. "What did you do to my brother?"

"What do we have here?" The tall boy called, looking Cassie up and down before proceeding. "Little Miss Harrington. You think you're tough, yeah?"

Cassie Harrington was suddenly at loss of words, looking up at Billy whilst crossing her arms over her chest and choking out, "I-I am."

"You see, I don't think you are..." Billy sang, a smug expression appearing on his face. "Maybe I could teach you a lesson."

"Touch her, and you'll know exactly what's worse than death," Mike spat in defense, pulling Cassie behind him protectively.

Gazing up at Mike Wheeler, all Cassie felt was pure admiration. Nobody had stuck up for her like that before. But, Mike Wheeler wasn't just anybody.

He was brave, loyal.

Clenching his jaw, Billy Hargrove stared down at Mike with rage. For a moment, Cassie was sure Mike was going to get a full blow. Fear rose in her chest as Cassie switched her gaze between the two boys, praying that Billy would leave him alone.

To her prayers, with a huff, Billy shrugged it off and spoke, "Ah, forget it. You're a waste of my time. I'm here for you, Sinclair. Your ass is mine."

Before anyone could even think to react, Lucas Sinclair was slammed into the kitchen cabinet; sending multiple silverware to come crashing onto the floor. Struggling to get out of his grasp, Lucas shouted, "Get off me!"

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