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     NO WORDS COULD DESCRIBE what Steve Harrington was feeling when those four clock chimes sounded through his ears in the Upside Down

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NO WORDS COULD DESCRIBE what Steve Harrington was feeling when those four clock chimes sounded through his ears in the Upside Down. At first, he couldn't believe it. He tried to convince himself that he was hearing things. But, as soon as his head turned towards the grandfather clock, the boy felt his heart drop in his chest. He knew what it meant.

His sister was dead.

"Cassie," Steve whispered, his eyes burning as his throat tightened in fear. "No, no, no, no, no."

Suddenly, the floor beneath Robin, Steve and Nancy began to violently shake. Grabbing onto the staircase, the group watched as the ceiling caved in from above, revealing a glowing orange light. The gate was spreading.

"We need to go!" Nancy Wheeler yelled, pushing Steve and Robin towards the door. "Now! Hurry!"

Sprinting back through the vast dark forest, the three tried their best to get back to Eddie Munson's trailer as quickly as possible. The gates were spreading, and if they didn't get out now, they would be trapped in the Upside Down.

"Come on, Steve!" Robin Buckley shouted at the boy who trailed behind them. "Pick up the pace!"

Stumbling over the various vines on the ground, Steve Harrington felt his legs begin to burn as the oxygen struggled to pass through his lungs. Although he was aware of their life or death situation, the boy couldn't get the thought of his little sister out of his mind. He couldn't believe he left Cassie as bait while he and the others went into the Upside Down. He set her up to be killed. He did this to her.

As the group continued to race through the trees, Steve Harrington began to feel an unimaginable amount of guilt. Stopping in his tracks, the boy rested his hands on his knees and began to hyperventilate. A single tear slipped down his cheek. Then another. And another. Soon, they were spilling out from his eyes.

"Come on, we're almost there!" Robin Buckley shouted to the group. "Just a little further!"

However, the two girls soon noticed that someone behind them was missing. Quickly turning around, Robin and Nancy noticed Steve standing still, several feet away.

"Steve, please," Nancy called to the boy, racing back towards him. "We don't have time to stop. We have to get to the gate."

"I can't-" Steve choked out, shaking his head. "I-"

"Steve," Nancy spoke once more, desperately looking into his eyes. "Please."

Taking a deep breath, Steve Harrington met Nancy Wheeler's gaze. There was a pleading look in her eyes, a look that he had never seen before. He knew he needed to listen to her. Otherwise, he would lose much more than his sister. Nodding, Steve took a step forward, and started to run.

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