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SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO by The Clash boomed through Jonathan Byers' radio as Cassie took a seat in front of Will

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SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO by The Clash boomed through Jonathan Byers' radio as Cassie took a seat in front of Will. A small smile appeared on her face as she began to recite her memory.

"I hadn't been in the party until just last year, but I always knew you were a good kid, Byers," Cassie began, tucking a piece of stray hair behind her ear.

"It was the beginning of seventh grade, and I had been late to class — as always. I needed to borrow a pencil. I remember you smiling up at me with those bright brown eyes of yours and —" Cassie sniffled, laughing off as she wiped a single tear from her eyes. "And you so generously gave me your pencil. A small gesture, I know, but ever since then I knew I wanted to be your friend."

Pausing, the girl slightly blushed as she recalled the memory. Fixating her gaze back on the boy, Cassie let out a soft laugh.

"And I promised you that one day...I would teach you how to ride a bike with no hands," Cassie finished, looking into the boy's' eyes. "So please, let me get the chance."

Suddenly, a loud riiiinnnggg caused Cassie's eyes to shoot up from Will's gaze. Rising into a standing position, the girl whipped her head towards the sound.

"Oh shit," Cassie muttered, stressfully running a hand through her brown hair. "You don't think..."

Will Byers' eyes immediately fell shut, causing Joyce Byers to frantically speak, "Will? Hey, can you hear me?"

Ignoring the voices, Will continued to keep his eyes shut — searching for who knows where. Bending down next to the boy, Hopper announced, "It knows. It knows where we are."

Falling into Mike, Cassie nearly tripped over her own feet. As her hands started to shake, Cassie muttered, "Oh shit! Oh fuck! We're all gonna die!"

"We're not gonna die," Joyce Byers assured, frantically grabbing the needle and inserting the sleeping solution into Will.

Running a stressful hand through his beard, Hopper jolted upwards and walked out of the shack — the others closely following behind. As Cassie bit her nails nervously, she turned to the father-like figure.

"W-What's going on?" The girl stuttered, mentally hating herself for acting so childish. But, she couldn't help it.

Cassie Harrington was terrified.

Before Hopper could answer her question, a booming sound in the distance did it for him. The sound was anything but pleasant. It was the sound of a monster.

Clenching his fists together, Hopper muttered to the girl beside him, "Get inside."

"Wait, wha-"

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