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     THE PUBLIC BUS ROCKED from side to side as the three girls travelled down the road on their way to the Starcourt Mall

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THE PUBLIC BUS ROCKED from side to side as the three girls travelled down the road on their way to the Starcourt Mall. The bus only stopped three times to let people off, so the ride was only about fifteen minutes, give or take. By the time they arrived, the bus was made up of mostly teenagers who excitedly got off and raced towards the mall.

From behind Cassie and Max, Eleven waited to be the last one off so she could thank the driver, who smiled at her in reply.

"Come on, El," Cassie giggled, pulling the girl off the bus. "We're here."

Max smiled, turning to Eleven and asking, "So, what do you think?"

Eleven felt her expression drop at the sight of all the people moving around her. There was a feeling in her gut that said, "no," she shouldn't be going in a place so crowded, but another in her heart that said, "yes," this would be quite the adventure.

Either way, Hopper would never let her into a place like this.

"Too many people." She answered, shaking her head. "Against the rules."

"Seriously? You have superpowers!" Max exclaimed. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"El, it'll be fine, I promise," Cassie assured her.

Taking a breath, a smile crept onto Eleven's face as she put trust into her two friends. Nodding, she then followed Cassie and Max into the mall.

When arriving into the center of the gigantic shopping center, Eleven felt as if a brand new adventure had just opened up for her. Cassie and Max go to this place very often, but for Eleven, this was a whole new world.

"So, what should we do first?" Max asked excitedly. Noticing El's astonished expression, Max finished, "You've never been shopping, have you?"

Cassie turned and answered, "Nope, Hop never let her."

Max shrugged, "Well, then I guess we'll have to try everything!"

The girls first rush into The Gap, which happened to be one of their favorite stores due to the wide range in selection of the types of clothing it sold.

As she brushed the dark blue fabric of a denim jacket, Cassie began to search for something that appealed to her.

The black leather jacket was cool, and Cassie's style, but it was too heavy looking and wasn't the best idea to wear in the summertime.

Moving to the back of the store, Cassie lifted her gaze to a teal-blue shirt with splashes of different colored lines all over it. It was stylish, alright.

"Hey, El, check this out!" Cassie called to the girl, waving her over.

Walking over to where Cassie was standing, Eleven stared at the top in awe. Noticing the look in her eyes, it was no secret that the girl absolutely loved it.

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