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AS SOON AS THEIR PARENTS stepped foot out the front door, Cassie and Steve Harrington sighed in relief

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AS SOON AS THEIR PARENTS stepped foot out the front door, Cassie and Steve Harrington sighed in relief. Every year, the Harrington's went on a trip and left their children at home for one week. Something they were used to, and something they looked forward to. Although, Steve always took this opportunity to throw a party—Cassie never getting a say in anything.

"I'm just having a couple people over," mumbles Steve, looking through his collection of records.

"Mhm," Cassie hummed, tapping her fingers along the table beside her. "You're a bad liar, for my brother."

"I'm a better liar than you," stated Steve. "You never even leave the house."

Cassie couldn't help but laugh, her hands smacking her thighs as she boasted, "I've snuck out of this house more times than you've gone through that hairspray of yours."

"Bullshit!" said Steve, turning to face his little sister. "I go through like ten cans a week!"

"I rest my case," Cassie said, hopping off of the kitchen counter and opening the fridge. "You know, your bedroom window squeaks every time you open it. Try the basement, it's muffled."

Steve pondered on the thought, tilting his head and pressing his lips together, "That's not such a bad idea."

"You're welcome!" exclaimed Cassie, happy that she had outsmarted her older brother.

Cassie pulled out an apple, taking a bite out of it while her older brother tested it one of the records he was going to play at his party.

Africa by Toto sounded throughout the house, causing Steve to nod his head to the tune. Cassie grimaced, "I didn't know you liked this song."

Steve smirked, "It's the song I listened to when I was making out with Nancy a couple nights ago."

"Ew!" said Cassie, gagging and turning away. "I don't want to listen about you and your girlfriend sucking face."

"Well," Steve admitted, raising one eyebrow. "We will be doing a lot more tonight."

"Keep it in your pants!" Cassie responded, shaking her head and turning the other way.

Steve chuckled, searching through more records. As Cassie ran a hand through her hair, she decided to isolate herself in her room. Since Steve was having a party, Cassie couldn't do much else.

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