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     AFTER A LONG DAY OF sitting in Mike Wheeler's basement, the group patiently awaited an update from Pennhurst Asylum

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     AFTER A LONG DAY OF sitting in Mike Wheeler's basement, the group patiently awaited an update from Pennhurst Asylum. It took several hours, but eventually, they were pleased to hear that Nancy and Robin had found what they were looking for. After a moderately successful interview with Victor Creel, the two girls discovered several new pieces of information that would help them uncover the mystery of Vecna's Curse. It turns out, Cassie Harrington's theory was proven correct — music did have an impact on her survival that night.

Through Dustin's cerebro, both Nancy and Robin began to inform the rest of the group about their recent discoveries. After spending a half hour with him, Victor Creel told them everything about the night of the attack. However, he specifically mentioned the music that was playing on the radio, which was Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. Earlier that day, when the two girls got a tour of the facility with Hatch, he said that music can reach parts of the brain that words can't. It took some time for them to realize that music was the key, a lifeline. A lifeline back to reality.

After discovering this, the group was met with a huge deal of relief. Now, they had something to use against Vecna. Although it wouldn't help defeat him, they now have the ability to defend themselves if he were to attack again. It was in the safety of this knowledge that the group was finally able to get some well-deserved rest. One by one, each group member chose a designated area to lay down, letting themselves fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.

All except for one.

No matter how hard she tried, Cassie Harrington could not bring herself to fall asleep. The girl didn't know whether her sleeplessness was caused by fear, worry, pain, or just plain insomnia, but she stayed wide awake for the entire night, all the way up until sunrise. Normally, when she found herself unable to sleep, Cassie Harrington would either read a book or watch some television until she felt tired enough to go to bed. However, on this specific morning, Cassie had an even better idea.

Standing up from her seated position on the couch, the girl made her way over to the desk in the back corner of Mike's basement. Once she arrived in the secluded area, she took a seat down in the desk chair and searched around for a piece of stray paper. Luckily, there were several pieces of blank paper on the desk, to which the girl did not hesitate to use. Once she was finally situated, Cassie Harrington took out a pencil from the desk drawer and began to write.

Dear Eleven and Will,

     Words can't even describe how much I miss the both of you right now. I don't know where you are or what you're doing, but I want you to know that I'm still thinking about you everyday. We all are, in some way or another. You have no clue how difficult it has been not having you two with us. To put it simply, things have been rather tough here in Hawkins. More than tough. I don't think the others want me telling you this, but we aren't safe here anymore. There is a new monster coming after us, and it's much worse than anything we had ever faced before. It almost got me, but luckily, I was able to escape from him in time. However, his other victims weren't so lucky. We're trying our best to figure out what to do, but it's extremely hard without you guys. Trying to stay sane in the middle of all this has been damn near impossible, and I need you both, now more than ever. I really hope this letter reaches you.

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