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AS THE GROUP OF FRIENDS sat on the gymnasium bleachers, they waited for Nancy and Jonathan to come for them

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AS THE GROUP OF FRIENDS sat on the gymnasium bleachers, they waited for Nancy and Jonathan to come for them. After a while, Mike grew tirelessly impatient, standing up and storming out of the gym. Cassie held Eleven close as she shivered in her towel.

Barbara was gone. Cassie knew that she had in no way deserved to die the way she did. Will Byers was alive, but for how long, they had no clue.

Slamming through the doors, Mike burst into the gymnasium entrance, "They're gone."

"What?" asked Lucas.

"Nancy and Jonathan," explained Mike, throwing his arms up in defeat. "His car's gone."

"They're probably just sucking face somewhere," said Dustin.

"Ew, gross!" said Mike, crinkling his nose in disgust.

"Guys," Cassie called, standing up from her seated position to stand by Mike. "We can't just sit around and wait."

"Um, yes, we can," replied Lucas, standing up as well. "Incase you forgot, Cassie, were still fugitives."

"Lucas is right," Dustin agreed.

Sighing, Cassie plopped back down in her seat next to Eleven, "Hey, are you doing any better?"

"Better," Eleven replied.

Then, as if Dustin has mustered up a brilliant idea, he head towards the gymnasium exit. Turning to the boy, Mike shouted, "Hey! Where are you going? You said stick to the plan!"

Continuing to walk, Dustin replied, "I am! I'm just going to get some chocolate pudding. I'm telling you, Lunch Lady Phyllis hoards that shit."

"Are you serious?!" Mike called after Dustin, who Lucas now seemed to be following.

"El needs to be recharged!" shouted Dustin.

Sighing in defeat, Mike looked back at the two girls, "Come on, let's go."

Cassie Harrington never really liked the cafeteria. It was always crowded with people—to whom she didn't like. But, now, seeing as it is almost completely empty, it wasn't half bad.

"Mike! I found the chocolate pudding!" shouted Dustin from the attached room to the cafeteria.

"Okay!" Mike shouted in reply, turning back to face Cassie, who was laying on the table—facing the ceiling.

"Cassie, why can't you ever sit down like a normal person?" asked Mike, watching as the girl continuously threw a tennis ball up and down.

Throwing the tennis ball across the room, Cassie sighed and pushed herself upwards to sit at an angle—her arms holding her up.

"I'm anything but normal," asked Cassie, laughing and sitting up completely—running a hand through her light brown hair. "You should know me by now, Michael."

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