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     AFTER BEING CLEARED FROM THE HOSPITAL, Cassie and Steve Harrington arrived home completely exhausted

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     AFTER BEING CLEARED FROM THE HOSPITAL, Cassie and Steve Harrington arrived home completely exhausted. Cassie immediately changed into a pair of pajamas, laid down — and that was it. She slept a lot during the first week at home, but didn't seem to find any rest. Cassie was being haunted by nightmares every time she closed her eyes.

The young girl quickly learned that dreaming was no longer pleasure it had been when she was a kid. When sleeping, there is a brief moment where she was whole again. A moment which allowed her to forget her pain, forget her sorrow and regret. Forget her loss. But, just as quickly as it came, it would vanish.

With a jolt, her eyelids snap open to the sound screams and sirens wailing. Her breaths came in fast, panic rising in her chest and she quickly sat upright. Frantically looking around her room, she realized it was only her imagination. That's how she woke up every day now.

As her heart began to slow, the sounds gradually went away.

The days passed. The months. Many things had changed since that night, and although the memories blurred over time, she never seemed to forget the way she felt. Fear and pain and sorrow, all mixed together.

Just when things started to look better for the girl, she learned El and the Byers were moving. Mrs. Byers had thought about it for a while, feeling that a fresh start would help her kids recover from the trauma they went through over the past four years.

She knew that there was nothing but tremendous hurt and painful memories for them in Hawkins, not to mention the flashbacks of the shadow monster that continued to linger in the back of Will and Eleven's mind each day.

When moving to a new location, they would both get to start fresh for high school. One with no loss, no shadow monster and no party.

With the move set in stone, the party made sure to spend their last few weeks at each other's side. Every day they would spend out in the sun, and every night they would spend inside either playing D&D or having a movie marathon.

As Cassie would say, the last few weeks spent with her friends was the most fun she'd had in a long, long time.


Then came Saturday morning, the day of the move. This was the day Cassie had dreaded, a day that she did not want to come so soon. The day her two best friends were leaving her. Leaving them.

"That's the last box," Cassie Harrington announced as she duct taped the final cardboard box shut. 

As Mike and Cassie helped the Byers' pack up the last few things around the room, everything began to grow clear. Cassie slowly made her way to the door, but before she could grab onto the handle, she looked back one last time and wished this would just all be a dream. But it wasn't.

"This really is it, huh?" Cassie asked, turning to the boy beside her.

"Yeah." Mike replied with a sigh, meeting her gaze. "It doesn't feel real, does it?"

"No, not at all." Cassie answered, her voice lightly shaking.

"Hey, it's going to be alright, Cass." Mike soothed, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "Come on, let's go take these to the truck."

Before she knew it, Cassie Harrington made her way outside and began to help place the last few items into the back of the moving truck.

However, her mind seemed to go somewhere else for a moment, causing Cassie to slip and almost dropped one of the boxes. Thankfully, someone was there to catch it from the other side.

"Here, let me help you" Eleven offered, grabbing the other end of the box and helping her lift the item into the truck.

"Thanks, El." Cassie spoke, turning to the girl.

After taking one look at Eleven, who's eyes were already brimming with tears, Cassie stepped forward and hugged her as tight as she could.

"Remember to call me if you ever need a break from the boys." Cassie joked, her voice nearly breaking. "Or when you ever need someone to talk to. I'll always be just a phone call away."

"Yes." El nodded, with tears in her eyes, "I will. Promise."

Slowly, Cassie pulled away, looking into her watery eyes, "I love you, El."

The girl smiled, quickly replying "I love you too, Cassie."

After she let her go, Cassie then walked towards the person she was going to miss most and pulled him into her arms. She didn't want to let go, because she knew that when she let go, she wouldn't be able to hold him again for a long, long time.

Even after Will Byers had gone, Cassie would still see a Star Wars poster, or listen to The Clash, and it would send her mind flying back to the young boy who she asked to borrow a pencil from just a few years ago in Mr. Clarke's 6th grade Biology class. That was the first time the two had spoken. Look how far they've come.

"You know I'm not good at goodbyes, Will."

"This isn't goodbye." Will spoke, holding her tightly. "It's more of a...see you later."

Cassie let out a light laugh, "I don't know what we're going to do without you in our party."

"Don't worry, I'll always be with you guys." Will answered. "Even if I'm a thousand miles away."

The sound of the car horn signaled that it was the time for the family to finally depart. Taking one last look at his friend, Will smiled and spoke, "Thank you for everything, Cassie. I love you."

"I love you, Will." Cassie replied, and with one last tear shedding down her face, she let him go.

Before walking to the car, Will turned Mike, "You two love birds take care of each other."

"Will do, Will The Wise." Mike answered with a smile.

Will grinned to himself, waving goodbye as he made his way into the car.

They say that people come in and out of your life. For a certain period of time, they are with you. They are everything. And then one day, they're gone. There's no telling how long you will have them. But, its important to remember the times that you shared and the memories you made together.

"What happens now?" Mike asked the group as the car slowly rode off into the distance, disappearing from their view.

"I'm not sure." Cassie answered, taking a deep breath.

"Don't worry, guys." Dustin Henderson spoke, his eyes scoping over his friends. "We're gonna be okay."

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