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      THE NEW STARCOURT MALL in Hawkins is a sensory overload

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THE NEW STARCOURT MALL in Hawkins is a sensory overload. Hundreds of bodies rushing through the stores, voices echoing off the walls, everyone inhaling the scent of perfume, candles, and fast food.

As she passes through the crowds, Cassie Harrington eyes each of the stores longingly. She hoped she would have time to shop this summer, but she doubts Mike would be up for it. When spotting Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor, Cassie smiled and raced inside.

"Hey, Robin," Cassie greeted as she rounded the corner and hopped up on the counter next to the sliding window.

Robin smiled, "Ay, Cassie, what's up?"

"About to go catch a movie," Cassie replied with a shrug. "Where's Steve at?"

"Should be in the back." Robin answered.

Nodding, Cassie turned and knocked lightly on the sliding window, "Steeevveeeee."

"Cassssiiieeeee," A muffled voice mocked from behind the window.

Falling into a fit of giggles, Cassie opened the window, revealing her older brother, Steve, dressed in his little sailor uniform that she found to be hilarious.

"Nice uniform," Cassie jokingly complimented.

"You know what Cass, I don't wanna hear it." Steve lifted his finger sternly at his little sister. "It's company policy. And besides, Robin is wearing the same thing."

"Yeah, but at least she can pull off the little hat," Cassie replied as she reached in and messed with his hat.

Steve immedietly swatted at her hands, "Hey, hey, hey, watch the hair!"

Robin laughed, chiming in, "You can't even see your hair, dingus."

"Doesn't matter," Steve called again, annoyance setting in. "You both know how I feel about hat hair, alright?"

Shutting the window, Steve began to readjust his hat while on the other side Cassie and Robin began to talk about how the stats were going on Robin's 'YOU SUCK' board.

"He's at five in a row now," Robin informed.


"I know, he's not doing so hot."

"Yeah, no kidding. Do you think it's the hat?" Cassie asked, reaching up and taking off Robin's hat, putting it on her head and posing. "What do you think?"

"Oh, beautiful!" Robin shouted, making camera clicking signs with her fingers. "Magnificent!"

"Hey, are you guys bonding up there?" Steve's muffled voice spoke again from the back.

"Yeah, actually, we are," Robin answered with a giggle. "Your sister is so much cooler than you, dude."

"Gee, thanks for that."

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