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AS CASSIE WATCHED WILL color frantically on a piece of white paper, she turned to Mike, giving him a look of worry

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AS CASSIE WATCHED WILL color frantically on a piece of white paper, she turned to Mike, giving him a look of worry. Mike returned Cassie a reassuring glance, then turned back to Will, who held up his finished piece.

By itself, it looked like a bunch of scribbles — just like all the others individually. But, when Mrs. Byers connected them throughout the house, they formed into one.

In the morning, Will had told Mike and Cassie that he had seen Hopper in his now-memories. Now, the group was trying to find out where he was.

Taking the piece of paper from the boy, Joyce Byers, Cassie, and Mike split up and searched the walls for a connection.

"Here!" Mike shouted from the kitchen, causing the two to jog over to the destination.

"Nice find, Mike," Cassie noted, throwing her hand up and giving the boy a quick high five.

"Okay, so..." Mrs. Byers spoke, turning the paper so it fit the others. "Hopper is here?"

"Yeah," Mike replied. "Now we just need to find out where here is, right?"


"Did Hopper mention anything before he left?" Cassie spoke up. "If you try to remember, maybe we can figure out where he was headed."

Mrs. Byers hummed in thought, "Uh...something about vines?"

Biting her lip, Cassie searched the house, trying to find a clue from the pictures. Suddenly, the sound of tires rolling on gravel caused the group to walk to the door.

As Mrs. Byers glanced out the window, she stressfully ran a hand through her hair before telling the two kids, "Stay here. I'll be right back."

Nodding, Cassie watched as Mrs. Byers left the room before turning to Mike. Hugging her arms to her chest, she spoke, "Don't you feel like something is missing?"

"What do you mean?" asked Mike.

Cassie bit her lip, "I mean...I feel like the answer is right in front of us, yet we can't figure it out."

After a moment, the door flew open, revealing Mrs. Byers and a nice looking man beside her. Smiling genuinely, the man spoke, "Hello, I'm Bob."

"Cassie," the girl spoke, lifting an eyebrow at all of the items in his hands.

"Mike," the boy next to her introduced, a smile appearing on his face. "You creates Hawkins AV Club, didn't you?"

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