Extra #2

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~2 months later~
"Come on baby, just push!"
"I'm trying you asshole!" I push as hard as I can, wanting this baby out of me already. "Alright, Alex, one more push and your little boy will be out. Ready? Push!" I push as hard as I can then I hear the crying. I lean back and smile as tears form in my eyes. Nik cuts the umbilical cord then they take my baby to weigh, measure and clean up. "You did so good baby." I smile then Vince brings me my baby. I cradle him in my arms then his little eyes open. They are baby blue, just like his daddy's. "Honey, he has your eyes." Nik bends down to carry him and I gladly give my son to him. "Congratulations to both of you. Have you thought of any names?" I nod then Nik asks, "What did you think of baby?"
"Thomas Reddings." I stroke a hand against my baby's back then Nik says, "It's perfect, love." I look up then Vince nods, "I'll let your mother know." I nod then he walks out of the room. Nik gives my baby boy back to me and I smile, "Hi Thomas. I love you so much." I kiss his tiny forehead then the door opens. My mom, Hannah, Patrick, Serena and Vince walk through then I nod at my mom, "Want to hold your grandson?" She nods, tears streaming down her face, and walks toward me to get Thomas. She cradles him in her arms, tears streaming down her face, "He's beautiful. I can't believe I have a grandson." I smile but my eyes start drooping slightly. Nik leans down to whisper, "Go to sleep, baby. I'll make sure Thomas gets fed." I nod and shut my eyes, hoping to get a decent sleep. It might be my last one for awhile.
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