Chapter 30

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~2 months later~
Today is our rehearsal dinner then next month is our wedding. My pregnancy is going well but I still don't know the gender of my baby and won't till about 4 months into it which is 2 months before I'm expected to give birth. Yep, werewolves usually have 3 month pregnancy but my mom told me it was going to end up as 6 since I'm a different breed of supernatural. Confusing, I know. I braid my hair into a fishtail then set a hand on my little baby belly, rubbing it softly, "Hey there, baby, don't give momma any trouble today. I love you and so does daddy, we can't wait to have you here with us." I smile into the mirror, smoothing down my white maxi dress then fix my jean jacket before walking out of the room. Walking down the stairs, someone starts humming the Wedding March song. I get to the bottom step where Nik is waiting then take his hand as he whispers, "You're glowing, Lex."
"Pregnancy glow." He shakes his head, "You are always glowing; you are always beautiful to me." I blush then he kisses my cheek. "Ready?" I nod then we all get into our respectable cars and drive to Yard House in Long Beach. "How are you feeling, baby?" I look over at Nik then smile, "I'm doing good. How's all the Alpha stuff going?"
"Stressful." I nod then run my thumb across his knuckles. We arrive at the restaurant then walk inside. A girl is looking through a magazine but her eyes snap up when we walk in and immediately lock on Nik. "Hi there," she says with a flirty tone, "how can I help you?" I snarl then wrap an arm around his waist. "We're the wedding party; Reddings." She nods, grabs some menus, and walks over to the tables that are isolated from the rest. She sets them down then pushes past us, bumping my shoulder. I growl but Nik squeezes my hand, silencing me. I glare at her back. "Slut," I mumble.
"Hey calm down." I look up at him and his eyes widen so my eyes must be black and violet. I close my eyes then open them, hoping they went back to normal, "Sorry, hormones." He chuckles then kisses my forehead. He pulls my chair out, I sit, then he pushes my chair in. The night goes by fast as everyone jokes and eats with the occasional question about my pregnancy. I hear the clinking of a knife hitting a glass and I turn to see my mom and Hannah standing up. I grab Nik's hand then my mom smiles, "Hi there, well, on behalf of the bride and groom, we want to say thank you for coming to celebrate their wedding. Nik has brought happiness into my daughter's life and I can see that everyday." She gets teary-eyed and has to stop. Hannah rubs her back then says her speech, "Alex, you gave my son a new look on life and our family couldn't be even more thrilled that we get two new additions; you and your child. I wish you both plenty years of happiness and love. To the bride and groom!"
"To the bride and groom!" I smile, tears rolling down my face, then Nik kisses my hand, "You alright?"
"Yeah just hormones." He chuckles then kisses my little bump, whispering, "Mommy's blaming her crying on you." I flick the back of his head and I hear him laugh. Jeez, he's a dork but he's my dork.
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