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We walk into the house then Nik picks me up and twirls me around. I laugh as he keeps shouting, "We're married! She's my wife!" He sets me down then kisses my lips, hard. I wrap my arms around his neck and try to pull him closer but a little somebody stops me when I get another kick. I pull back then look up at him, "Did you feel it?"
"Yeah, that was one hard little kick, little one." He bends down to kiss my stomach then he kisses my forehead, "We're finally married." I smile and grab both his hands, "I love you wolf man."
"I love you too angel." The back door opens again and our family walks in, tears in their eyes. They rush over to hug us and I hear Hannah say, "That was absolutely beautiful, you guys." I smile and pull away to hug my mom who is standing off to the side. "My baby girl, I'm so proud of you. You've grown up to be a beautiful woman and you'll be a wonderful mother."
"Thank you momma. I love you."
"I love you too." I pull away and Vince gives me a hug as well. Before I pull away, I ask, "Will you do the Father/Daughter dance with me?" He pulls back, "Are you serious?"

"You have been as much as a father to me as Patrick has been but he walked me down the aisle. I want my stepdad to dance with me." He gets teary eyed then nods, "Of course, Alex, I'd love to." I smile and kiss his cheek then Nik says, "Come on, Lex, we should get going." I nod and he intertwines his hand with mine then we walk outside where it was transformed into the reception area. There are about 10 tables with 5 or 6 chairs each with pink roses as centerpieces. I feel a cold wind against my cheek then turn to see my underworldly siblings. "Elena," I whisper. She smiles and I pull away from Nik to greet them. I hug her then ask, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well, we weren't going to miss our sister's wedding. Also, we came to see our little niece or nephew." I smile and hug the rest of them. "Alex, who is this?" I turn back to Nik and smile, "These are my brothers and sisters from my dad's side. Siblings, this is my husband, Nikolai Reddings." They all bow but Elena just nods her head, "Nice to meet you. Take good care of her."

"I plan to. Will you be staying?" Elena shakes her head, "No, we aren't quite used to being on earthly terrain so we just came to congratulate you but we'll be back to see your little one. I wish you both years of happiness and love."

"Thank you Elena. Say hi to Patricia for me." She nods then they all disappear in a cloud of black smoke. "Well that was nice of them."
"Yeah, it really was. Come on, we have people to see." We walk back and the first people I see are the Monlows. I hug Willow then Sammie then their kids. "Thank you so much for coming. It really means a lot to us," I tell them.
"Of course, we wouldn't miss it for anything. You look absolutely beautiful, Alex."
"Thank you." We talk to them a little while longer then my mom comes up to us and says, "It's time for your first dance." Nik and I walk onto the dance floor as the DJ says, "Will everyone take a seat as Mr. and Mrs. Reddings take their first dance?" All our guests sit then All I Ever Needed by Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald starts playing. I smile as Nik pulls me close then starts swaying us back and forth. He sings the song to me, quietly, so no one else can hear. A few minutes later, the song switches to You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins and Vince steps up to dance with me. I smile and place my hand on his shoulder then sway back and forth with him as Nik dances with Hannah a few feet away from me. "Thank you for protecting my mom."
"I'll always protect her. I'm going to ask her to marry me in a few weeks and I'm hoping you can help me pick a ring for her." I smile, "I'd be honored to." He smiles then the song ends. I hug him tightly then walk back to Nik who wraps an arm around my shoulders and walks me to our table. I sit down, rubbing my belly, as Nik drapes his jacket over my shoulders, "Thanks honey." He sits down beside me and grabs my hand. We eat and talk before he starts clinking his knife against his glass. He stands then smiles, "Hey everyone. I want to thank all of you for coming to our wedding and helping us celebrate our love. When I met Alexandra, I never knew what it was like to feel alive. She woke me up and we've been on this crazy adventure but I wouldn't want it any other way. She's my angel and I'll always love her. To, Alexandra."
"To Alexandra!" I blush as Nik presses his lips to mine. "I love you too wolf man." He smiles and we just enjoy the rest of our special day of man and wife.
Hey my loves! Well, guys that was the epilogue....but don't worry, I'll post a few extra chapters. Don't get your knickers in a twist but keep commenting and voting!!!! Oh I almost forgot, I will be doing a sequel to The Fallen Angel and it will be about Nik and Alex's first born. It will be interesting just you wait. Well, that's enough of me talking. Keep doing what y'all are doing!!! Love y'all, broken149

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