Chapter 17

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We arrive at the pack house and the Alpha and Luna, I'm presuming are sitting outside. Nik and I get out of the car and they stand up. Nik shakes the Alpha's hand, "Sammie, nice to see you again. Willow, how are the kids doing?"

"They are doing well, thank you Nikolai. Who is this young lady?" I smile and introduce myself, "I'm Alexandra, Nik's mate." She shakes my hand, "Welcome." I thank her and two teenagers step out of the house, "Mom, grandma wants to know what you want for dinner."

"Grace, Landon, come say hi to Alpha Nik and Luna Alexandra." Grace smiles, "Nice to meet you both, welcome to Tennessee." We thank her and Landon just smiles. Rosalie steps out of the house, "I need to know what y'all want for dinner."

"Mom, why don't you make your famous chicken pot pie?" She smiles and walks back into the house. Willow smiles, "Grace will show you guys to your room. Landon tell the family dinner will be ready in an hour." He nods and walks back into the house. We follow Grace inside and she leads us up the stairs. She walks down the hallway and opens up a door, "Here you go. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it here." I smile, "Thank you Grace." She smiles and walks out. I close the door and turn to Nik. He opens his arms, "Come here, baby." I wrap my arms around his neck and he lifts me off the ground. He presses his lips against my neck, "I love you so much. I want you to be happy alright?"

"I love you too babe." He pulls his head back and pecks me on the lips. I grab his hair and hold his head in place. He lifts my shirt up and I pull away, "I can't."

"It's alright baby. I can wait until you're ready." He sets me down and I slide my hands into his back pockets, "That doesn't mean we can't make out." He smirks and lifts me up so he can lay me down on the bed. He is definitely my weakness.


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