Chapter 23

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I left my mom alone after awhile so she can rest. I walk up to Nik's room when I'm attacked by two little people. I fall to the ground then Caleb and Oliver shout, "Welcome home, Alex!"

"Thanks, you little boogers. Where's your brother?"

"His bedroom." I nod then they help me up. I walk down the hall and into the room where Nik is lying on his bed, sleeping. I grab a blanket from his closet and drape it over him. He smiles then turns around so his back is facing me. I smile then grab my towel, one of Nik's shirts and underwear. I walk into the bathroom, jump in and out of the shower, dry off then put on the clothes. I turn off the light then walk over to the bed, climbing over Nik to get to my side. I drape my arm over his waist then tangle my legs with his. His eyes open and he gives me a sleepy smile, "Hi baby. How's your mom?"

"She's fine now but I can tell she's hurting from losing the baby." He nods and places a hand on my stomach, "Maybe our baby will help her feel better."

"Yeah but that's not going to be for a long time now." He shakes his head, "I can feel her, Lex. She's already inside you." I furrow my eyebrows, "That's impossible. You used a condom when we mated, right?" He gets this look on his face and I smack his arm, "You idiot! You knew I couldn't afford to be pregnant right now!" I sit up then lean my head against my knees. "Hey, hey, I'm sorry alright but I just forgot. If you had just waited like I said, we wouldn't be in this situation." I look at him, tears filling my eyes, "You're blaming me?!"

"Yes, I'm blaming you!" I shake my head, jump out of the bed then run out of the room. "Alexandra, stop! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that!"

"No," I turn around to look at him, "you meant it! I'm sick and tired of having to play this fucking cat and mouse game with you. I'm done alright so just leave me alone until I let you come near me!" He takes a step back as hurt fills his eyes. I turn around and run to the hospital wing. I'm outside my mom's door when I hear, "How am I supposed to live my life knowing that my ex-husband killed my baby?" What?

"I don't know, Mel, but I'll be here for you."

"Alex can't know about this because knowing her, she'll go on a suicide mission to find her father and take him down." Tears stream down my face then Vince says, "Mel, she needs to know."

"She can't know Vince! She can't, I won't lose another one of my children." I shake my head, nope you'll just have one more to replace me. I turn away and run outside. My wings spread out in back of me and I take off into the night. Time to dance with the Devil.


Hey my loves!!!!! She's going to do it, she's going to go after her dad. Also, she's pregnant! Can you believe it? Tell me what you think!!!! Comment!!!! Vote!!!! Love y'all, broken149

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