Chapter 3

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Ashley Greene as Melissa (Alex's mom)

I knew hacking into the school documents and changing Riley's schedule to match mine was a good idea. "There has to be a mistake with my schedule."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Barranco. This is the schedule we had for you in the system." Riley sighs then turns to face me, "Let's get going then." She walks out the office then I follow after her. "You know this will be good for us. I can learn more about you and you can learn more about me." She laughs, "No thanks. I'm here to pass my Senior year then get away, I don't have time to be a play thing." I pull her into an empty classroom and close the door. I turn to face her and she's sitting on one of the desks, looking absolutely sexy. What? I can't help it, she's my mate after all. No, not mate as in friend, mate as in soulmate, love of my life and the Luna of the Dark Moon pack. "Take a picture it lasts longer." I shake my head then stand in front of her, "I'm not who you think I am, Riley. I'm not a player and I don't bang anything with boobs and a big ass. You may not believe me but I'm still a virgin, Ri." She looks at her hands but I lift her chin up, making her look up at me. "Nikolai, please just let me go to class." I lean down and press my lips against hers. She pushes against my chest but I pull her closer. After struggling for a bit, she finally melts against me. I lick her bottom lip and she opens her mouth for me. I flick my tongue against hers and she moans in my mouth. It's like she realizes what she's doing and pushes me away. I step back and she wipes away her smudged lipstick. She grabs her backpack and schedule then is about to walk out the classroom when I wrap my arms around her waist, "Riley, please, I just want to know you better. Give me a chance."

"You shouldn't have kissed me then." She pushes me away again then opens the door and runs away from me. I punch the wall then exit the room. I walk to my homeroom and Riley is sitting in the back, playing with a charm bracelet she had on her wrist. I sit next to her then whisper, "Riley, I'm sorry." She ignores me then I say it louder, "Riley, I'm sorry." She still ignores me so I stand on top of the desk and shout, "Riley Barranco, I'm so sorry for what I did! Please, forgive me!" She looks up, blushes, then looks down again. Everyone starts chanting, "Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley!" She sighs then nods, "I forgive you, Nikolai." I smile then sit down again. One of the pack's sluts, Trina or Dina, I forget, stands in front of the desk and traces my face with her finger, "Hey, Nik, how about after school you come by my room and we can have some fun?" I hear a laugh next to me and Riley looks over at us, "You must be really pathetic to be hitting on my boyfriend. Don't you see my lipstick on his mouth and you still choose to offer him sex, you little whore." She gasps, "Who do you think you're talking to? He is not your boyfriend and never will be." Riley smiles and stands up, "Really? If he's not my boyfriend then I wouldn't be able to do this." She straddles my lap and presses her mouth against mine. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer to my body. She runs her hands through my brown tousled hair then tugs on it. She pulls away then smiles when the slut walks away. "Thanks for getting rid of her."

"No problem. Thanks for the best first kiss ever." She gets off my lap then sits in her desk. I smile, I was her first kiss. She's 18 and she's hasn't kissed a boy yet considering how sexy she is, I thought she would've had boys chasing her down. I growl at the thought of another male touching my mate and she looks over at me, "Nik, you alright?"

"Yeah, fine," I growl out. She sighs then starts taking notes and I run a hand through my hair, I said that too harshly. "Riley, I'm-"

"Stop apologizing, Nikolai. I'm done with it, alright." The bell rings and she picks up her stuff and runs out of class. Her bracelet falls off so I pick it up and go to my next class. I look at the different charms and see a feather, heart, red gems, white gems, and a cowboy hat. I smile then I walk into the class, handing her the bracelet. She grabs it then slides it on her wrist. "Yeah, your welcome." She ignores me and I sit in front of her. I hear her chair scrape against the tile and I turn to look at her. Her face got pale and her eyes changed to a violet-black color. She runs out of the room and I follow her. She runs out of the school and into a small forest. I shift into my wolf form and run after her. I find her crouching on the floor, holding her head. Her back arches then something starts poking out of her back. Suddenly, two black wings break out of her shirt and she falls to the ground, panting in pain. What is she?


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