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Omega Mate(COMPLETE✔) by Lowkey_Shortie
Omega Mate(COMPLETE✔)by Its_Shortie
21 year old Alizabeth was just another typical Omega. She was mistreated and bullied throughout her pack. Sure.. she was pretty outgoing before she was taken,but she was...
  • mates
  • omega
  • luna
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Saving The Neko (BoyXBoy)  by B00KS04193
Saving The Neko (BoyXBoy) by 👑🤓📚💕
Max is a Neko a very rare species. He is a 17 year old boy looking for a home and a family. Alpha Damien Knight is a werewolf a very possessive werewolf. He is a 2...
  • alpha
  • male-pregnacy
  • werewolf
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King Zachariah's Pet  by _One_True_Love_
King Zachariah's Pet by _One_True_Love_
Vampires. Werewolves. Angels. Demons. Hybrids. To all supernaturals, hybrids are just pets. So when Catherine gets caught and taken to a auction house she knows what is...
  • collar
  • zachariah
  • king
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Miscellaneous Hamilton one shot book  by LamsBaby
Miscellaneous Hamilton one shot bo...by 🌸Bambii🌸
I will be writing all crack ships, rare pairs or ships I don't really ship in here!
  • straight
  • crackships
  • pair
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Bitter $weet by CLOUTDIVINE
Bitter $weetby “Gekyume”👽
"Do you even love me?" He asked me. "Define love.." He kisses me. I push him away "I don't want you to show it I want to feel it jahseh...&quo...
  • jahseh
  • comment
  • romance
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Best Wattpad Books by Maria4644
Best Wattpad Booksby Maria
Can't find 'the' book that catches your eye. Well, You've come to a right place! Here are some of the rarest gems on Wattpad and Amazing books that I've found and though...
  • recommended
  • fiction
  • love
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Her Hidden Wolf (SLOW UPDATES) by Swabian
Her Hidden Wolf (SLOW UPDATES)by Saaya Manick
  • hidden
  • love
  • obsessed
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Silent Skies ( HTTYD x Nightfury!Reader) DISCOUNTINUED by Mythrillen
Silent Skies ( HTTYD x Nightfury!R...by Keji
So... What if Toothless wasn't the last Nightfury? what if there was... another? Once upon a time, there had so many nightfuries, they flied peacefully and hunted fishe...
  • untamed
  • httyd
  • adventure
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That Girl With A Rare Power (Book 1 and 2) by Adriaquinnzel
That Girl With A Rare Power (Book...by DarkQuinn❄
An unknown girl with an unknown magic. A girl with full of mysteries and secrets in her life. Isang babaeng magpapabago at magpapakomplikado ng sitwasyon, at walang maga...
  • journey
  • fiction
  • wattys2018
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The Alpha's Badass Mate  by thatscoldonmytitties
The Alpha's Badass Mate by thatscoldonmytitties
Skyler Johnson is the badass of school. She's been expelled 5 times, wears leather jackets, rides motorcycles, boys drool over her, she street races, she also street fig...
  • hybrid
  • special
  • alpha
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Alpha and the Luna (COMPLETED) by Xx_MidnightWolf_xX
Alpha and the Luna (COMPLETED)by Xx_MidnightWolf_xX
Sixteen year old girl Juila has been abused by her dad since her mother sadly passed away when she was five. She is a werewolf, but she is a rare kind....she is a silve...
  • love
  • mate
  • romance
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She's The Alpha by ToOurStars
She's The Alphaby ToOurStars
She's got it all. She's the soon to be Alpha, she's beautiful, she's successful, she's popular, she's smart, she's got an amazing boyfriend, she's surrounded by awesome...
  • romance
  • shift
  • teenfiction
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There voice [Izuku x Jirou] by DekuMomo145
There voice [Izuku x Jirou]by JustThatGuy_145
I know some of you have been waiting for this so here you go!
  • jirou
  • music
  • rare
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From Rejection To Rejecting Part 1 by bellazzzzzz
From Rejection To Rejecting Part 1by Bella
Previously known as " From Rejection to Badass" Emilia was skinny, smart, scrawny and depressed. Emilia is now powerful, strong, sexy and happy. When Emilia...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • rejection
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Taylor's Bond by AnnieGB3
Taylor's Bondby A. G. Bellassai
Sam (Samantha) Reens is the captain of her school's basketball team. Just as her team is preparing for the championship finals, she finds out she needs an orthopedic sur...
  • humor
  • imagines
  • badluck
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Letter pt.2 the valley  by XxStarxX1109
Letter pt.2 the valley by Lasia 🤪
Second part of letter 2 the valley YBN nahmir story
  • ybnahmir
  • rare
  • ybn
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Didn't see this coming. (mira x reader)  by hackingcasually
Didn't see this coming. (mira x re...by Dat Boi
Requested by fedoratipper69 now let's see. Your Megan's (Valkyrie) sister first and you're a navy seal and you hit it off with mira basically
  • xmalereader
  • valkyrie
  • rare
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Forenames and Surnames by lxstinwxnderland
Forenames and Surnamesby ♡ Macie ♡
so i did this little book thing because I know how hard it is to think of names for characters, this may not be of any use to you because, yeah. erm but if it is then...
  • male
  • rare
  • surnames
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Rare Fragrance | Sope |  by btsrolls
Rare Fragrance | Sope | by Bts Rolls
"Would you let me... smell you?" A flustered, confused look appeared on his face. "Is that some type of kink you have?" He asked. 🚫 WAR...
  • boyxboy
  • romance
  • yaoi
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Twdg Rare Ships One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Rare Ships One-Shots by ♡
One-Shots with a few rare ships :) [No Requests/Closed For Now]
  • yaoi
  • twdg
  • nonnie
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