Chapter 11

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Vince drew Nik's blood and handed the vial to my mom. I squeeze Nik's hand and he squeezes mine back. My mom pours both vials into a bowl along with some other shit that sounded nasty as fuck. She mixes everything then whispers some sort of spell. She pours the mixture into a vial and its a greenish-brown color. I shiver and she hands it to me. Nik chuckles, "Bottoms up." I tip the contents into my mouth and swallow. "Oh my God!" It tastes like vomit mixed with cat pee. My hands start shaking and I feel a warmth flow through my body. I close my eyes and smile, its working, I can feel my powers. I stand from the chair on shaky legs then my wings spring out of my back. I open my eyes and Nik, my mom and Vince are standing there, staring in awe. "What's going on?"

"Lex, your wings changed."

"What do you mean?" He leads me to a mirror and I see that my wings have gotten longer and have a purplish highlight to them. "They're beautiful but why would they change?"

"Maybe that potion made you stronger so it changed your wings and maybe it strengthened your powers too." I concentrate on Nik and try to manipulate him to twerk again. It actually works this time. He squats down and starts twerking. I laugh and he snaps out of it. "What just happened?"

"You, my love, can twerk like Miley Cyrus." He stares at me then he finally understands and his cheeks go red. "Awwww," I pinch his cheeks, "My wittle wolfie's embarrassed." Nik smacks my hands away then I feel my wings start to shrink into my back. I smile when I don't feel the weight anymore, "Thats better, they were getting kinda heavy." I grab Nik's hand, "Come on, I want you to show me around. Bye mom, bye Vince." They wave and Nik leads me to the living room. "Well, this is the living room. Every Sunday we have Family Night so we either play board games or watch movies." I smile and he leads me over to a doorway, "This is the kitchen and its constantly stocked with whatever you may want so just come down here and get something." I nod and he leads me upstairs but I notice an elevator. "How many floors does this house have?"

"6 but we only use like 5 floors since most mates move out of the pack house to live their own lives. It's kinda like a hotel since the rooms kind of just expand." My mouth is wide open and he closes my chin, "You'll catch flies. My room is down the hall, as you know. Serena, David and Reyna are a few rooms down, Caleb and Oliver are in these two rooms right here." He points to two doors, one with a C on it and one with an O. I smile and he leads me down the hall, "My mom and dad are a floor above us like your mom and Vince will be. Now I have to tell you something."

"What's wrong?" He grabs my other hand and I look up at him, "My ex-girlfriends are a part of the pack and they do live in the house but they live on the fourth floor so they won't bother us." I peck his lips, "Thank you for telling me but I don't really care about them, I just care about us." He smiles, "How do you always know the right thing to say?"

"I just do besides I already have someone who has no filter and says whats on his mind at anytime." He pouts and I pat his stomach, "Can you show me the sixth floor?" He nods and leads me back to the elevator. He presses the up button and the doors open. We step inside and he presses a button with the number 6 on it. The elevator doors close and the elevator shoots up. I grab onto Nik and he wraps an arm around my shoulders. The elevator stops and the doors open. "Woah, it's like a giant studio."

"Yeah, we renovated it so anyone can come up here and if they want to train alone or something."

"Do you guys have like a speaker system?" He points over to the corner where there is a speaker set up and I smile, I found my safe haven.


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