Chapter 22

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Our...daughter? "Nik, honey, are you okay? You seem a little pale."

"Yeah I'm fine. Just a little shocked. I can't believe we're gonna have a baby girl. What did she look like?" Lex smiles, "She had my hair and your eyes. She was beautiful."

"Just like her mommy." Lex smiles but her eyes fill with tears, "My dad took her away from me. She was taken out of my arms when I was trying to protect her. I couldn't save her." She starts sobbing and I rub her back, "You did what you could. You got to see her, Lex, that's all I could ever ask for." She nods and smiles, "You always know the right thing to say."

"I have a book." She rolls her eyes, "Figures." I laugh then kiss her forehead. She closes her eyes then whispers, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Alexandra." She wraps her arms around my torso and rests her head against my chest, "You're so warm and cuddle like a big teddy bear." I chuckle then her phone starts ringing. She groans and stands up to get it. "Its your mom." I raise an eyebrow and she answers, "Hello? Hannah?" Her face goes from confusion to worry and concern. "What do you mean? Is she okay?" Her eyes fill with tears and I stand up. "I'll be back home in a few hours. Just watch her, please." She hangs up and grabs her suitcase then starts throwing clothes in it. "Lex, what's wrong?" She ignores me and practically runs around the room picking up her stuff. "Alexandra!" She stops, tears streaming down her face, "My mom. She had a miscarriage and she isn't feeling well. I have to go back to California and try to heal her." I wipe her cheeks and she moves away from me, "No don't do this to me Nikolai."

"What? I'm just trying to calm you down."

"No, you're going to tell me to stay here but I'm going home. I need to be there for my mom." I shake my head, "I'm not going to keep you here. I'll call Dalton so he can set up some tickets. Why don't you find Sammie and Willow to tell then we are leaving?" She nods then walks out of the room. I call up Dalton and he says he can set the tickets up as soon as possible. I thank him then end the call. I pack up all my things then Lex walks back in, "Sammie says he and Willow will drive us to the airport. Are you packed?" I nod then we grab our stuff and walk out of the room. We walk down the stairs and Jacob, Rosalie, Landon, Grace, Sammie and Willow are waiting for us. Rosalie smiles, "It was so nice to meet you both. Hopefully, you come back to visit us sometime." Lex smiles and hugs her, "Thank you so much for taking us in." Rosalie rubs her back then pulls away. We say bye to everyone then we pile into Sammie's car. He drives us to the airport then helps us with our luggage. Lex hugs him an he hug we back tightly, "Bye Sam."

"Bye Alex." She lets go and goes to say bye to Willow. I hug Sammie and he whispers, "Keep an eye on your Fallen Angel." I nod then pull away. I say bye to Willow then we walk into the airport. We stop at the ticket desk and get our tickets to California. We go over to the boarding area and board the plane.

6 hours later


We arrive in California and Hannah picks us up. "How is she doing?"

"She has the chills and sweats. She doesn't look too good. Vince doesn't know if she'll make it." My eyes fill with tears but Nik kisses my temple to calm me down. She drives us to the house and when we pull in, I jump out and run inside. I run down the hospital wing and into her room where she is lying in bed, looking like a ghost. "Mommy." She smiles weakly and I run to her side, grabbing her hand. "Mom, how did this happen?"

"I was walking down the stairs when I felt something rush out of me. First, I thought I peed myself but when I looked down, I was covered in blood. Vince helped me down and into a hospital room where he told me I lost my baby. After a while, I started feeling nauseous and I just started feeling sick. Vince doesn't know if I'll get better." I shake my head, "Maybe I can heal you. Where is you spell book?"

"No, Alex, it's okay. I'll be fine. I'm strong and I can get through this." I shake my head and stand up, "Vince should know where it is. I'm going to heal you mom." She shakes her head but I run out of the room and up to their bedroom. I knock and Vince answers, "What's wrong, Alex? Is your mother okay?" I nod, "She's good but do you know where her potions and spell book is?" He nods and opens the door more. I walk in and he opens a chest that my mom stocked with potions and her...spell book. I take it out and open it up to find the healing spell she used for me. "Here it is." Pulling out the required ingredients, I grab her mixing bowl and mix everything in it. "Vince, do you think you can get me a vial of my mom's blood?" He nods and walks out of the room. I wait then 10 minutes later he walks back in, holding the vial. I pour it in then whisper the spell, "Oh goddess Hecate, hear my plea to heal my mother, Melissa Killian, of her sickness and help her regain her strength. I need her in my life, I can't lose her. Please goddess Hecate, hear my plea, so mote it be." It smokes a light green color and I pour it into a cup. I put the book and extra ingredients away then run out of the room and into the hospital wing again. Her eyes are close and her breathing is shallow. I tip the cup onto mouth and pour the contents in. I pull it back once it's done and a white light surrounds her. I pull away from her then her eyes snap open and her breathing returns to normal. I smile and she narrows her eyes, "What part of 'I'll be fine', don't you understand?"

"The part that you might not get better. Momma, I can't lose you, you're the only family I have left." She opens her arms and I sit on the side of the bed to hug her. It feels so good to be home.


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