Chapter 1

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Naomi Sequeira as Alexandra Killian
~13 years later~

I open my eyes to see a beach, shirtless boys and girls in slutty bikinis. Yep, we're in California alright. I slide on my Ray Bans to cover my hazel eyes with violet specks in them then turn to look at my mom, "Why aren't we at the hotel?" She glances over at me then smiles, "Your grandmother passed down her house to me when she passed so we are going to stay there."

"Great, old lady house." She sighs then pulls into the driveway of a...mansion. I take off my sunglasses then my mom says, "Old lady house, indeed." I narrow my eyes at her then she jumps out of the car and pops the trunk. "Come on, slow poke." I jump out of my car, grab my suitcases from the trunk then make my way over to the front door. She unlocks it then smiles, "Welcome home." She pushes the door open and it's like I stepped into a movie. Spiral staircases like Titanic, marble floors and a giant crystal chandelier. "Oh my God, was grandma a queen?" Mom laughs, "No, she wasn't but she inherited a lot of money from grandpa." I nod then she points up the left staircase, "Left corridor is yours, right is mine. Change into something nice and we'll go walk along the beach, talk for a bit." I nod and walk up the stairs then down the long hallway. Pictures of my mom and Uncle Frank when they were little, line the walls. There is one picture of me but I couldn't have been older than 4 months. I walk into one of the rooms and set my luggage on the king sized bed. I rub the purple comforter and smile. I open up my suitcase and pull out my black maxi dress, gray cardigan and black Toms. I put on the outfit then grab my sunglasses before leaving the room. My mom walks out in jean shorts, a green v-neck and flip flops. How are we related? She looks at me and sighs, "Alex, we aren't going crypt walking. Why can't you wear something more colorful?"

"I'll wear something colorful when you tell me about my dad." She takes a step back, her eyes wide and I know that my eyes changed into the creepy violet-black color. I close my eyes then open them again, "Sorry, momma." She nods then pats my shoulder, "I'll tell you when the time is right. I'll tell you why you were gifted with your powers and why we are constantly moving." I nod and she links her arm through mine, "So, how about we take a walk on the beach and talk about your new identity." I nod again and we walk down the staircase and out of the house. The beach is literally across the street so once my feet hit the sand she starts talking, "Your name is Riley Barranco, you are 18, and just moved from Oregon. You keep yourself on the down low, Alex. Don't trust anyone who might seem like a threat to us. If you sense anything out of the ordinary, you tell me right away and we're packed and out of here. Do you understand, Alex?" I nod and she smiles, "You'll be fine. I'll go with you tomorrow so I can register you." I nod and point to a little burger stand, "Want a milkshake?"

"Strawberry, please." I nod and walk over. A boy that might be 2 years older than me smiles, "What can I get you?"

"1 strawberry and 1 chocolate milkshake." He nods and goes to make them. I look down at my phone then he says, "You're new around here, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I just moved here. Why, is it that obvious?" He nods, "Most people don't come to the beach in black." I shrug and he hands me the milkshakes. I give him $10, "Keep the change." He smiles then I'm walking back to my mom when some dude rams into me causing me to spill the milkshakes all over my dress. Great.


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